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    What chisels/gouges should i acquire?

    Excellent strategy. Sharpening, cutting, and tool control come first.
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    What chisels/gouges should i acquire?

    That's a good starter set. Probably the most important thing now, as has been said, is getting the cutting edges razor sharp. That will allow much easier tool control to cut the shapes you want to cut. Practice with what you have. Crosscut and rip cuts require two different type saw blades...
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    Any idea

    Over the years I've had stones that looked like that. Often they are intended for straight razors or other non-woodworking related cutting edges.
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    Has anyone switched to metric?

    Its necessary these days to speak both languages to some degree since a lot of imported tooling will be metric. That's just the way it is.
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    Eastern Red Cedar? And price opinions

    Maybe its just me, but I don't like working with that stuff. It smells good for the short term, but it is soft and tends to split. That pile of wood will eat up a lot of storage space.
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    Eastern Red Cedar? And price opinions

    Eastern red it is. Roughly $1.25 per board foot might be fair if thats the particular species your project calls for. As an impulse buy, not so much. Eastern red has a lot of waste and that batch looks to be log run which mean both good and bad will be in there.
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    Unisaw circa 1993 electric plug

    The catalog column is titled: NEC Amps. That sounds a little high to me but maybe those motors pull that much. The one motor plate I have a shot of says 12.4 amps for an 83-651 motor. Delta would apply that stock number to their 3 HP motors whether they were made by Marathon, Emerson, Baldor...
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    Unisaw circa 1993 electric plug

    Catalog says that motor draws 17 amps.
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    Thickness Planer - $125 (Wilmington)

    That Square D magnetic motor starter alone is $300 - $400 these days.
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    old magazines

    A friend told me recently that he donated his woodworking magazines to a maker's space place and they were really glad to get them. High school wood shops (if active in your area) are also good recipients. I've taken piles of woodturning magazines to our woodturner's meeting and offered them for...
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    spool cabinet restoration

    I was curious to see what came up so I looked at some of those spool cabinets. It looks like there were two types: one for the sellers of thread and the other for the users of threads. My mother had an antique spool cabinet that she really liked. The drawers were plain shallow drawers. I...
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    Benchtop Drill Press

    I once had a fixed bore press that had a worn bore. I considered the time it would take to make the setup to bore the head and sold the press. You're right about the split casting type making it easy to securely lock the quill at any depth for fixture setups. I'd forgotten to mention that...
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    Benchtop Drill Press

    Here's what I think Wally is talking about. The model 11-280. Delta also made a radial drill press model 15-126 but you don't want to go there just yet. Just look around the shop clutter. This is a 1968 version. Later ones had different cosmetics but mechanically the same.
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    Benchtop Drill Press

    That Delta radial drill has about a 3-1/2" throw but is a very versatile little press for its size. Yes, I would agree it would be classified as a bench top. As to how to judge "throw", AKA "quill range", just lower the quill until it stops and put a ruler against it. Above is a 4" throw...
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    Benchtop Drill Press

    Putting the words, "Drill Press" in a Craigslist search should give you some immediate options without risking a retail purchase. It will be an opportunity for you to observe and try out the press. Quiet and smooth is always a good starting point. If the reason for sale is an upgrade...
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    Benchtop Drill Press

    The Rikon seems to have lots of whistles and bells on a Chinese drill press. If I were looking for instant gratification at a low price, I think I would check out the Harbor Freight 13" press. It has somewhat larger capacity.
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    Benchtop Drill Press

    There is but you won't buy one until you've had your Taiwan tool or Shiny from Chiney drill press experience. Clausing. Used USA-made is often a good bet but that can be risky. Plug and play isn't unheard of, but its not the norm. Most need a little work. The two most common are the Delta...
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    Benchtop Drill Press

    there are a lot of various drill presses for sale these days. The prices and quality levels are all over the map. Maybe set some parameters for performance first. Horsepower of the motor: meaningless for the most part. Depth of throw: very meaningful. You'll have to put stuff under the bit...
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    extendable legs for student desk?

    A T-nut or threaded insert somewhere under the desk. Turned cylinders for risers center bored and countersunk for a bolt. I did something similar for a grand daughter's little desk. Turned some legs and end bored them. Installed a threaded insert. Turned risers with a bead to match the bead...
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    Bandsaw lubricant

    What's the situation with the band saw and stock? Is this for general wood cutting in a recreational woodworking shop? What's the intended result of the "lubricant"? I've never heard of or seen any lubricants used on the blade in a general woodworking shop. I would think it would make a mess.

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