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  1. RickC

    Anyone from Cary (or Raleigh) going to the Mid Winter Blues shindig?

    A member is interested in the Wood magazines I am giving away. I will not be going but it appears he is. I have two boxes about 12" high, 16" long and 10" wide holding the magazines. If someone is going, I will confirm with Steve (from Huntsville) that he is and perhaps the two of you could...
  2. RickC

    FREE Wood Magazines #1-243 and a few more!

    Trying to honor at least *1* New Year's Resolution. I have a goodly number of Wood Magazine issues, going back to the first. By Monday, 1/29/18, they will have a new home. Either someone from this group who would like them, or Cary Citizen's Convenience Center (trash place). Please either PM...
  3. RickC

    406 Not available.

    I know i have not been on much recently, but I have encountered a problem trying to respond to Junquecol post about blank checks in the Off Topic Forum. I get the message: Not Acceptable An appropriate representation of the requested resource /forums/newreply.php could not be found on this...
  4. RickC

    FREE: Desk for computer, convert to WB?

    I need to get rid of a used desk this weekend. Could be used as a computer desk. Pictures here: DESK PHOTOS ) I have the drawers, just not installed. The desk is 56" long, 24" wide and 30" high. It is SOLID! Translated - heavy. I was going to put it above my garage as an extra, but...
  5. RickC

    ...and another

    Loooooonnnnggg time member no longer shirking his responsibilities! IT professional, part time woodworker. Enjoy smaller projects (boxes, scroll saw, etc) but occasionally tackle something like an entertainment center. Also play around with photography hobby and enjoy reading "fluff" such as...
  6. RickC

    Exercise Bike

    The time has come for me to replace a worn out knee. If anyone in the Raleigh-Durham-Cary has an older style exercise bike in decent working condition sitting around they would like to either donate, let me borrow or sell inexpensively, please drop me a PM. I will be more than glad to come by...
  7. RickC

    One (1) Shop - Cheap

    If you had the means to transport it, here is a shop just waiting to be filled! BTW - NOT mine!
  8. RickC

    Pattern making software

    Just curious - in Scroll Saw Woodworking and Crafts, I saw an add for Coyote Stencil Shop software from Carving Technologies, that purported to be able to make scroll saw patterns from photos. Cost $79. Has anyone used this or know anything about it?
  9. RickC

    Sand-flee sanders

    Does anyone here have a Sand-flee sander? If so, what model, and do you like it? What applications have you used it for? It looks like it would be possible to build your own version of it by using the "innards" from here...
  10. RickC

    Thunderbird & NCWWer email

    Anyone here using the Thunderbird email program to access their NCWWer email accounts? If so what are your settings? What are you using for user id, port, connection security and servers? Rick

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