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    Jet wet sharpener

    Phil, I'd like to get $100 for it. If you put the CBN wheel on it you don't need water so there wouldn't be the rust problem. It's too bad they didn't make it with stainless steel arbor and hardware, the machine works well otherwise.
  2. J

    Jet wet sharpener

    Phil, I would be interested in selling it. I did get the nut off using heat and an air impact, I have another nut but the threads will have to be cleaned up and it will be good to go. I have the leather strop wheel and some jigs, it has the additional base with drawers, here's a picture before I...
  3. J

    Jet wet sharpener

    I have a Jet wet sharpener (similar to the Tormek) that I've had for several years. I used it to sharpen turning tools and have since gone to a Wolverine system so I don't use the Jet anymore. The stone wheel cracked so I'll need to replace, I'm pretty sure the Grizzly or Tormek stone wheels...
  4. J

    Sold Jamieson hollowing system

    I have a Jamieson hollowing system for sale. This would be the basic system that you see on Lyle's website, I also have the hollow form tool rest and the DVD that goes with it. I used it on my Powermatic 3520, it is adjustable so it should be able to be used on any full size lathe. It works...
  5. J

    Charcuterie/Cheese Boards

    I made some like this, 7" x 14". My wife has a plastic cutting board this shape that I just used as a template. I tried to nest them but without the curved handle I would have needed a wider board or the grain would have been on an angle. I also laser engraved to personalize.
  6. J

    Segmented bowl

    I use Watco Teak oil, it has some UV inhibitors in it (not sure if it really helps or not). I usually apply 3 coats with 24 hours between and then buff after at least a week of cure time. I buff with tripoli and white diamond but never use the white diamond on walnut as it gets into the pores. I...
  7. J

    Segmented bowl

    This is the first of 3 segmented bowls I'm working on, wood is walnut, maple and chatka viga. 18 segments per ring, 12 rings and floating disc in the bottom = 217 pieces. This is the first one finish turned with one coat of oil, 2 more coats of oil over the next couple days and buff a week after...
  8. J

    My first ever turnings, pair of mills

    I use General Finishes Woodturners Finish, it's a water-oil urethane hybrid. It takes several coats to build a good finish but is very durable. I have a salt & pepper mill set we've been using for a couple years and they still look like the day they were finished.
  9. J

    HOW TO: Seal newly cut wood for bowl blanks?!?!

    The most important thing when processing bowl blanks or even rough turning bowls is getting rid of the pith. If the pith is left it will most certainly crack there no matter what precautions are taken.
  10. J

    Bowl With Black Mold

    You can just turn away the mold on the bowl if you can salvage it with the crack. Spalting is essentially mold that runs through the wood. Even if the crack "closes up" after spraying with water, the crack will still be there and should be treated as a weak point in the roughed out bowl. Cracked...
  11. J

    New Lathe Recommendations?

    The Chapel Hill woodturning club has open turning on Fridays & Saturdays for a minimal fee. They have lathes and tools you can use and you can purchase wood from them. There is always an experienced turner available and they also run classes. This would be the best way to get a taste of...
  12. J

    Vacuum chucking

    You'll be happy with that set up, I'm sure it'll work well. A few things to remember when using it, always bring up the tail stock for extra support. You can turn all but the smallest nib on the end and pull the tail stock away for that, cut with light cuts. Always stop the lathe when you pull...
  13. J

    Vacuum chucking

    The Frugal site is a very good source for a reasonably priced set up. I would also agree that the hand made chucks are a little lacking. You can check JT Turning tools at they also carry a full set up along with selling the parts individually and also have a lot...
  14. J

    New contest!

    Learn good form and shape, nothing will ruin a beautiful piece of wood quicker than poor form or shape, it will always look "funny". Imagine the piece if you were to paint it black, does it still look good? Classic shapes are classic for a reason.
  15. J

    CBN Wheels,Best Deal, Size Grit Etc.

    Ken at has the best prices that I've seen. I also have a slow speed grinder, I bought a 180 grit from Ken a couple years ago. I didn't think I needed a CBN wheel but now I wouldn't want to be without it. Just the fact that the wheel is always true and always stays the same...
  16. J

    Segmented vessel

    Interesting questions. If I understand your first question, you are asking if the grain direction on the vertical pieces of paduak could be changed. One of the most important things in segmenting is that grain direction in all the pieces must be in the same direction because of wood movement...
  17. J

    Segmented vessel

    Apparently what I see as an issue may not be an issue as no one has pointed it out. I think that the feature ring is a little too high in the vessel, I could have split the ring below and put half above the feature ring making the feature ring about a half inch lower. Maybe I'm being a little...
  18. J

    Segmented vessel

    The piece is all flat ring construction, the ring you are looking at is a wide ring which makes it look like a stave ring.
  19. J

    Segmented vessel

    Maple, padauk & mahogany. 7.5" tall 7"wide, buffed oil finish. After 10 years of turning finally getting into the segmented pieces that drew me to turning. I'm happy with the shape, glue joints are good. There is one issue I would change, I'll see if anybody else sees it. Critique away.
  20. J

    Segmented Turning Workshops

    I would be interested in a "next step" workshop, something that would focus on feature rings and more advanced glue ups, if you were to ever offer something like that.

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