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  1. LeftyTom

    Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detector Recommendations?

    A Duke Energy transformer up the road went south last week. When power was restored an hour later, the Firex smoke detector in the basement went bonkers, continuously sounding the alarm. This alarm is interconnected with a second alarm upstairs, which was going off also. The upstairs detector...
  2. LeftyTom

    Spindle Or Hand Sand?

    I am working on a table with curved skirts (no, I am not wearing the skirts). After running the pieces by the spindle sander, I still have a few bumps to flatten (may not be noticeable in the pics). Would you touchup using the spindle sander or sandpaper attached to a curved piece of scrap?
  3. LeftyTom

    Bandsaw Tire Check

    I was cutting some 9" long 1/2" thick alder on the bandsaw, using a 3/8" blade. Almost through the second piece, when I smelled hot rubber. Shutdown the bandsaw and saw this The funky color on the blade is "blade lube". I slipped the tire back on, readjusted the upper wheel so the blade...
  4. LeftyTom

    HNPD, Part 2

    I scored myself a Sargent 409, to go with the Sargent 409C. Now I can argue with myself whether a corrugated sole is better.
  5. LeftyTom


    Happy New Plane Day! I snagged this off Ebay for $35. It was listed as a Sargent 409C. The adjustment knob has right-hand threads. The tote was a bit lose, but a few turns of the screwdriver took care of that. The iron is dull, but I have a diamond sharpening kit (325, 600, & 1000...
  6. LeftyTom

    Sanding Shoe For Flattening Panels?

    Have anyone tried a belt sander with a sanding shoe for flattening glued-up panels? I have 4 panels that need a tad of flattening, 1/100 to 7/100. My belt sander is a Craftsman 3"x 18", which is 20 years old, so I suspect a sanding shoe is not available. So I may be adding a new belt sander...
  7. LeftyTom

    Need Switch Cover For Delta 10"Drill Press

    Where can a fellow get one of these? The 2 plastic flanges on the back broke earlier this week.
  8. LeftyTom

    Grizzly $40 Mystery Box

    I took the plunge on a Mystery Box, which arrived today. 9-piece hex key set My Grip DIY custom grip Pair of bright yellow shooting glasses and hard case Dead blow hammer 2" tube fitting brush 5oz oil can Two Pony 2 1/2" C clamps 2 gun packs cleaning patches Red ammo box Pack of 10 hand scrubs...
  9. LeftyTom

    Mixing Paint With Anti-Skid

    Anyone have experience with mixing your own anti-skid paint for exterior use? I am using is Homax Anti-Skid Paint Additive; Perlite and Crystalline Silica, so I will be using a mask. Should I use all the paint mixture, or does it store well/stir up later OK? Amazon had a one pound bag for $9...
  10. LeftyTom

    Where To Buy: Blo Mold Bulb Holder & Power Cord

    My brother brought me 9 Blo Mold figures to go with my yard Christmas decorations. 4 are missing the C7 (nightlight) bulb holders (1' openings in the Blo Molds). One is missing the holder for a 60W bulb. A quick search finds them at sites for $11 a pop, and up. Have any of ye merry gentlemen...
  11. LeftyTom

    Picking A New Riding Mower

    After 16 years of service, my Husqvarna 42" mower has bitten the dust; the motor is idling fine, but with an additional metal sound. :( New motor, you suggest? That will run over $1K, then there is the question of what else will fail. I was considering the Toro SW4200 or Cub Cadet RZT SX42...
  12. LeftyTom

    Upside To Polar Vortex

    I heard on NPR, from a learned fellow in Minnesota, that the frigid weather may help kill off the emerald ash borer. The cold snap may also help with a tick problem in Maine.
  13. LeftyTom


    Happy New Caliper Day! Two previous digital calipers went kaput, so I decided to go old-school.
  14. LeftyTom

    Grilling Season Cart, Finished Pics

    Ash frame, white oak shelves (oak from Rick DiNardo). Just need some Titebond for the loose tendon joinery. The I will put 2" wheels under the legs.
  15. LeftyTom

    Rigid 6101 Jointer Outfeed Table Stuck Too High

    After being rolled around the basement, today I find the outfeed table is higher than the cutter blades. Problem is I can raise the outfeed table, but not lower it. I can run the adjustment screw all the way down. I have losened fasteners, cleaned under the outfeed table, took the fence off...
  16. LeftyTom

    Tape For Sealing Dust Collector Connections.

    Has anyone use the tape designed for sealing up around clamps at dust collector connections...
  17. LeftyTom

    Solid Wood Drawer Bottom?

    I posted this pic in a thread last week. I wonder if the dado cut is intended for solid wood drawer bottoms?
  18. LeftyTom

    Renamed: Router Table Renovation

    I am in the process of re-purposing a cabinet for use as a router table. I have the frame built, and have 8 pieces of maple for the drawer sides: 6" wide by 1/2" thick by 5ft long. The pieces have a 1/4"wide by 1/4" deep dadoes, 1/4" from the edges. My digital caliper has gone kaput. I...
  19. LeftyTom

    Be Careful Cleaning Under The Lawn Mower

    With this lovely high humidity keeping grass damp all day long, grass clippings cling underneath my mowers. As I was de-thatching under my push mower Friday. I brushed my hand against the underside of the mower. I cut the middle finger on my left at the second knuckle. I knew at first...
  20. LeftyTom

    Does Scott Smith Have One Of These?

    While perusing the latest Popular Science, I saw a picture of the Stihl MS 880 Magnum: Bar length: 5ft 11in Max chain speed: 59mph 8.6 HP Uses 89 Octane (I'm guessing non-ethanol) 33.1 lbs Yours for only $2200

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