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  1. Skymaster

    old magazines

    I have subscriptions to many magazines, aopa pilot, woodshop news,archeology,rifleman, birds and bloom. Heck of a waste to keep tossing these. Any body interested in these please holler
  2. Skymaster

    scrollsaw,etc Va

    due to oncoming rain, I have postponed the trip. I have no covered means to pick it up,therefore if anyone else on the forum had eyes on this, I told the owner I cant expect him to hold this till fair weather. Rain in forecast for next 4 days. If anyone has a van or covered trailer I will have...
  3. Skymaster

    sawman bruce

    Am trying to contact him, verizon updated my phone and wiped him out. Anybody with his contact info i wood greatly appreciate it
  4. Skymaster

    Help needed

    If anyone uses a laser engraving machine, I need HELP with the software side. Bought it for the urn project but cannot get a handle of the blasted software. Also any suggestion for a good program. Using grbl right now but it is greek to me. I am NOT a software guru to say the least. Thanks jack
  5. Skymaster


    I have changed out my shop to all led tubes. I have 18 all good t8 flourescent 4ft tubes if anyone wants them, hate to just throw them out
  6. Skymaster

    urn emblems

    folks,I need Navy emblems for the urns,if anybody has some please get them to me. Goldsboro is out of them. I will try to see if Brad can make some but that takes too much time for right now.
  7. Skymaster


  8. Skymaster

    Free wood

    Had some friends over and they helped get a bunch out. we are going to POSTPONE SUNDAY. Need time to gather up and sort what is left, I will update asap Thanks Skymaster
  9. Skymaster


    Have to clean out my shop, have a large amount of various length and width of 3/4 in different species mainly maple,poplar, pine. I NEED IT GONE. Alot can be made into pen blanks etc.
  10. Skymaster

    Laser engravers

    Just wondering if anyone besides Brad uses an engraver? If so what one and why? I am thinking about getting one but I have no experience with them. Any input greatly apprteciated. Thanks Skymaster
  11. Skymaster

    Seasons Greetings

    happy safe prosperous new year to all
  12. Skymaster

    spray booth materials

    For those of you that have spray booths, I am forced into building a small booth and am looking for suppliers for the media and holding frames. Thanks
  13. Skymaster

    happy new year

    happy safe prosperous new year to all
  14. Skymaster


    Surgery went well, docs are happy. Be 4 to 6 weeks and they will evaluate how everything is going, will be on meds to control BP etc from now on.
  15. Skymaster


    Just recieved a message from his wife, Mary. Reggie is in the Charlotte medical Center. A descending dissected aorta. His surgery is scheduled for today. Lets all hope and pray that all goes well , and he gets back here soon:(:(
  16. Skymaster

    Trailer hunt

    Anyone know of a 6x10 enclosed trailer for sale?
  17. Skymaster

    Urn project

    would the folks handling the plaques and printing the brochures PLEASE contact me ASAP? Thanks Jack :gar-Bi:D
  18. Skymaster

    Urn meeting

    Folks I need a head count of those planning to be at the meeting. We need to know asap so we can change venue it more seats are needed. Thanks Jack
  19. Skymaster

    turkey day

    From me and mine to you and yours a very happy thanksgiving to all
  20. Skymaster

    For those that like folklore

    The Woolybear caterpillar predicts yhr ferocity of the winter by the amount of black in his orange and black color scheme; Yesterday Mr Wollybear was at my shop dressed in ALL BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE GONNA DIE :gar-La;:rotflm::rotflm:

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