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  1. Keepsake box

    Keepsake box

    Made from purpleheart and maple with gunmetal hardware
  2. Custom Heart Puzzle

    Custom Heart Puzzle

    Scrollsawed a custom heart puzzle for a mother's day gift for a customer
  3. Matching Pen and Case

    Matching Pen and Case

    Custom engraved pens and case
  4. Bottle Stoppers

    Bottle Stoppers

    Custom bottle stoppers
  5. Clipboard with matching pen and bottle stoppers

    Clipboard with matching pen and bottle stoppers

    Custom clipboard with matching pen and two custom bottle stoppers
  6. Purpleheart Humidor Outside

    Purpleheart Humidor Outside

    Custom purpleheart humidor
  7. Purpleheart Humidor Inside with tray

    Purpleheart Humidor Inside with tray

    Spanish cedar lining of a custom purpleheart humidor
  8. Checkered Endgrain Cutting Board

    Checkered Endgrain Cutting Board

    Made from Walnut, Cherry, Maple and Purpleheart
  9. Zigzag Cutting Board

    Zigzag Cutting Board

    Made from Walnut and Cherry
  10. Tgillis

    Traveling Trailers

    I do pens, key chains, bottle stoppers, bowls, cutting boards, humidors, jewelry boxes, picture frames and a bunch of other things too. I do custom work, I am working on a custom desk currently.
  11. Tgillis

    Traveling Trailers

    I'm in High Point and I will take whatever you feel you would like to give me. I'm not picky, they will be beautiful when I get finished with them.
  12. Tgillis

    Traveling Trailers

    If the program is not active anymore, I will gladly take some pen blanks off of your hands.
  13. Tgillis

    Surprise Me!

    So I recently finished the humidor and used UV resistant lacquer to give the color some extra life. Here is the final product
  14. Tgillis

    what kind of wood

    It looks like white oak to me
  15. Tgillis

    Community THANK YOU

    Where do I bring my angels to?
  16. Tgillis

    Community THANK YOU

    If you message me your phone number, I can text you the picture I use
  17. Tgillis

    Community THANK YOU

    I turned 20 and decided to do something different with the last 30, since we needed notes to go with them, i thought why not make something they could keep in their wallets or pockets as a reminder so I made cards engraved with angels and Thank You notes. I have 10 card angels complete and am...
  18. Tgillis

    SOLD Delta 18x36 31-250 Drum Sander

    Sorry, I sold it 15 minutes after I posted it
  19. Tgillis

    SOLD Delta 18x36 31-250 Drum Sander

    I had a gentleman send me a message 15 minutes after I posted asking for my address so he could come and get it.
  20. Tgillis

    SOLD Delta 18x36 31-250 Drum Sander

    I am selling my drum sander for $200. Everything on it works except the mechanism to make the feed table go up and down. The tension gear on the mechanism need to be tinkered with to get it to work properly. It has a new conveyor belt, comes with new sand paper, manual and mobile base. It MUST...

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