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    Chair Repair

    I picked up this banker’s chair the other day and found someone got creative with one of the wheel stems: I was thinking of filling the both of holes with dowels but am not sure how to patch/repair the missing wood. There used to be a flat surface where the wheel stem was but that seems to...
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    Abrasive Belts Bandsaw

    These came with a Rockwell 14” BS that I bought. I don’t plan on using them or have the attachment that makes them work with my BS. Does anyone have a use for these? The belts are 91” long. They’re free to whomever wants them
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    Bow saw

    Preferences for bow saws for pruning? I’m not taking down a forest, but just some light pruning around the yard. Simple fiskers for $11 Or bahco for $28 Or another brand? I’ve only used one of these when cutting down Christmas trees. Does the handle really make that big of a difference? I...
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    Amazon App Now Has Smile

    Finally! Instructions for turning on smile in the Amazon app:
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    12” Sliding Miter Saw Blade Recommendation

    What are folks using for a sliding miter saw blade? I have a DW779 and plan to use that blade for rough work (2x syp). I plan to cut mostly 3/4 hard and soft wood stock but may end up with some 8/4 or more at times. My only requirements are full kerf and something less expensive than Forrest.
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    Vendor for Obsolete Parts?

    I have a few older tools (not classic/antique) that are no longer made and I’m trying to find “dismantlers.” Specifically looking for dw708 and a Makita d handle router base. So far I’ve found a place on eBay, but they apparently do not respond to emails and their actual storefront doesn’t...
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    Step drill bit

    Thought this is worth a try for $12 No idea if thebwuality but I’ll report back once I get it and use it.
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    Harbor Freight Mortiser Key

    Does anyone happen to know the size of the HF bench top Mortiser chuck key? I was given the mortiser and it didn’t come with the key. A web search showed different sizes and I’m hoping someone here can confirm the size. Thanks!
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    Interesting Sharpening Guide

    I saw the below setup in This Old House and thought it seems like a quick solution for sharpening with a low learning curve. I realize it may not be everyone’s cup of tea and it is no replacement for...
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    Hand Saw Files

    Has anyone used this brand of files? Tome I was going to order the Veritas guide with the Bahco files, but it’s out of stock until May 15.
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    Blind Nailer / Chisel Gauge

    I stumbled onto an ad for a blind nailer/chisel gauge and am intrigued. The concept seems simple enough, chisel acts kind of like a plane, takes a slice of wood off and the wood sliver is then glued back in place. How well does this work in practice? Is this a tool that died out for a reason or...
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    Plug Cuttters

    Looking for opinions from folks that may experience with these plug cutters: Thanks!
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    Leigh D4 and Bits $75

    This is a steal! Not mine and no interest.
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    DW735 Parts

    May be far for some of you, but seems like a good deal: Not mine and no connection to seller!
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    Cutting Mortises

    I have a bench top mortiser, but its a bit light duty for cutting mortises into the hickory posts I'm using to build a bunk bed. Instead of using a bench top mortiser, I was thinking of buying a upcut spiral bit to cut mortises with a router. Any recommendations for a good upcut bit that folks...
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    Hickory Bunk Bed

    Originally I planned to make the bed from curly/figured maple, but 1) I don’t have enough of the curly maple and 2) at the time I only found hard maple for $7.99 bdft. I planned maple because it was part of a mixed lumber deal I found on FB marketplace. I thought about driving up to NC, but...
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    Dewalt Router Disassembly

    Any idea how to remove this locking ring? There are two holes 180 degrees apart (pencil pointing at one) and the center is threaded. Any idea what the tool is called to remove this? Or where to find it?
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    8/4 Maple

    Hi all! I’m trying to find some 8/4 maple within 2 hrs of Columbia, SC. Local to me price is 7.95 bdft or $400 for a slab. I used to buy from Kyle Edwards, who had a much better price than local to me, but he’s retired. Any suggestions? I can’t seem to find the sawyer list either.
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    Threaded Rod Handle Drill Press

    I bought a drill press a few months ago that was missing one of the handles. I’ve searched McMaster car without success. Any other ideas where I can find a 7/16-14 threaded rod with knob handle?
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    Delta Sliding Saw with Stand

    In today’s Woot email: Reviews seem mixed on amazon and I do not personally own this...

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