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    Mother's day frame - cherry and paper cord

    i made a king size bed out of this same batch of cherry a few years back so my wife is partial to it. its over 20 years old so its a pretty nice oxidized and rich colored. the fam took a trip to nags head and hatteras right before the covid took off. picked up one of the lighthouse prints in...
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    Recent Projects: Key / Wallet Storage, Zebrawood Tissue box

    i had some african mahogany boards that were pretzel shaped so i came up with a small project to use them. i ripped the boards so that i had strips of rift sawn and strips of flat sawn. the rift sawn was turned into the sides and top and the less attractive flat was the bottom. found a nice...
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    Case Dovetails on Long Piece

    i'm making a dresser that is going to be part of a modern child's bed. the piece will be 75 inches long (to match the length of the single mattress), 18 inches wide and about 18 inches tall. in short, a big rectangle. i would typically put the tails on the sides and pins on the top / bottom...
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    homemade plywood

    first pic is just showing off the miter and top that is rabbetted in. the box sides were resawn 4/4 down to 5/16 and you can see the bookmatch wrap grain. i've done a few of these and i used to miter the top of the sides and all four sides of the top. i didnt worry too much about movement on...
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    Danish Cord Bench

    i posted on this earlier....i think. i couldn't find it. but here is my latest project. African mahogany. all cut from a 8/4 board so the parts are beefy. first project using any weaving. this is a laced danish paper cord. joinery made using my homemade horizontal mortiser. on the corners...
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    Danish Modern Bench

    i am posting this in the hand tools area but this is a project that uses both. all surfaces are finished using hand tools only. i am going to weave a seat so i'll post a picture later showing that....if it comes out good. but in the meantime...i did figure out how to hand plane some wavy grain...
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    Recent projects, new techniques, and new toys

    first is a gift for the wife, a tissue box made from rift / quarter saw walnut. i did 1/8 inch box joints cut with a full kerf rip blade. me and the 3 year old glued it up for mom. the second set is a curly maple frame using mitered half lap joints. pretty fun to figure out. all cut with the...
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    Air Dried Walnut

    this is my post: i'd discount to $200 for a member.
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    homemade mortiser

    this is a copy in some regards to a youtube video i saw by Phil Morley. the X Y table uses linear ball bearings and were an absolute pain to get square. they do contact the router face plate at the same time so its as square as i can get it. the router goes up and down on another set of linear...
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    Antique Bed to Crib

    i did a job recently for some friends. i took their antique (they claimed) white oak bed and turned it into a crib. I took it all apart and combined the head and footboard into the new crib "headboard". the head board and footboard used a crude groove down in the leg to attach. i just extended...
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    Wynn Filter for Harbor Freight Dust Collector

    i am selling: -Wynn Filter - $100 (retails $159) -accessories included for free - various bags, old style filter bags, a metal trash can, 2 stage converter top, some short runs of 4 inch hose, homemade flange, bag attachment belts, Y connection and a few other odds and ends only selling filter...
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    plant stands

    made a batch of plant stands with thru tenons and a half lap joint. first picture is a couple in white oak that i left unfinished for the front porch. i really like the rounded off thru tenon. did that with some rasps and then sanded to 500. The last two are cherry and then one preshaping in...
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    Rockler Contractor Table Saw Dust Bag $10.
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    Dewalt DW735 Planer Knives

    4 sets. 2 sets are dewalt brand ($50 each new). 2 are powertec brand ($65 for both). one set was taken off while still sharp because i bought a spiral cutterhead. value of $165 brand new and sharp. 75$ for the lot. (price adjusted from previous).
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    WTB: Vertical Belt Sander

    I am having trouble finding a decent deal on a vertical belt sander that has a nice cast iron table. i don't care if it can go horizontal or not. it can be a combo machine with a disc sander. something like the jet in the picture.
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    Recent Projects - wall cabinets

    The first project was a curved front cabinet with a veneered door. it is made of sepelle that i bought from Jack Murdoch in rolesville. the sides are excellent straight grain and just a pleasure to look at. dovetailed into top. the middle drawer front is wider than the drawer to conceal the...
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    Coopered Veneered Doors - anybody ever tried?

    i'm tentatively planning on using hardwood core, cooper it, shape it, and then using shop-sawed veneer to go over both front and back. i have a small vac bag and i'm itching to use it on a curved form. so if this sounds like a lot of trouble, it is and i'm fine with it. i'm not looking to be...
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    Tool Review: Dema's Brass Hammer

    i own one of these but get nothing for this review. Dema has no idea who i am. you can buy them on esty here: i bought one in cocobolo but he has a variety of choices including burls and exotics. i saw the youtube video of him...
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    Tool Review: DW618PKB Dewalt 2 1/4 HP plunge Router

    I bought this to try and improve the dust collection (DC) and avoid paying for the Festool. i was using a mortising jig and having trouble clearing the chips, dramatically increasing the time i was taking. So i sold my porter cable (PC) with the plunge base and bought this yella machine...
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    anybody have a cutech "spiral" head planer?

    My situation: I would like to have a helical spiral head on at least a planer for all the reasons that anybody else would get one...quieter, easily replaceable, less tear out. I have the Dewalt 735 with straight knives. I have a older powermatic 8 inch jointer as well. i could sell both...

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