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  1. tarheelz

    Festool domino joiners

    $1000 for a 500? Unless I could convince my wife that it has SawStop technlogy built in, I doubt I can get spousal approval.
  2. tarheelz

    A new subject here

    Impressive. This is me building a chair like that.
  3. tarheelz

    Some other projects

    Floating entry table is excellent!
  4. tarheelz

    Sawing crown molding on a table saw?

    Step 1. Crosscut to 8' Lengths. Step 2. Carry on with suggestions noted above. Once installed, you'll never see the cut. Be safe.
  5. tarheelz

    Interesting auction purchase

    I just finished building an additional 36" wide base cabinet to add to our kitchen. Our house had custom cabinets made by a local guy back in 2002 that were painted white back then. (Everything comes back into style.) Those cabinets have held up great. Imagine my surprise after finishing...
  6. tarheelz

    Wife decided she wanted to keep me around.

    Works well -- if you can remember to turn it on.
  7. tarheelz

    Outdoor Cabinets - what materials?

    Rick, We used HD kitchen cabinets inside our Lake Gaston boathouse. They went in in 2002 and were still there in 2019 when the place was sold. Spiders had more of an effect on them than the elements.
  8. tarheelz

    Face frame wood

    SYP clear, appearance boards from the borg would work well and and look pretty darn good. Problem is they are pricey for pine.
  9. tarheelz

    White cabinet doors.

    Looks like Wurth and A&M are business-to-business suppliers only. Regular 3/4" MDF from HD may be my best bet for the false fronts on the new set of base cabinets I'm adding to the kitchen. I've used spackle and AquaCoat before (with plywood edges and walnut furniture respectively). I'll...
  10. tarheelz

    White cabinet doors.

    The painted white cabinets in our house were built by a local guy in 2002. They are 3/4 and 1/2 plywood throughout with maple face frames. The doors and drawer faces, however, are MDF. 18 years later and they're still perfect. (Paint is oil based.) EDIT: Anyone know where a regular joe can...
  11. tarheelz

    Gluing in an unheated shop

    WRT the issue of Titebond being ruined after freezing, I received some practical "unofficial" advice from the rep at a show once: "Freezing can affect our glue. Here's the test: Take off the cap so you can really see the glue. Get the glue back up to room temperature. Tilt the bottle. If...
  12. tarheelz

    Upcoming Estate Auction

    Do tell. Let us live vicariously through you. Sad I missed it.
  13. tarheelz

    Video-Stupid Easy Floating Shelves 2 ways

    Support under the board being cut on the sawhorse! (Why have I never done that?)
  14. tarheelz

    Glue-Up "Accident"

    You made the right choice. Well done under pressure (literally). There is little as stressful in life as the "big glue-up." I feel bad for any loved one who just happens to pop into the shop during a glue-up. ;)
  15. tarheelz

    Drawer Slide Length

    That does make sense. Awesome. Oddly, this is the first time I'm finding slides for a drawer, rather than drawers for the slides (ie slide length plus one inch gives you drawer depth to build). Thank you, my friend.
  16. tarheelz

    Drawer Slide Length

    I'm planning on replacing the worn, noisy epoxy drawer slides in my kitchen with K&V side-mount, self-close slides (8400 Series). The drawer boxes are 21 7/8" deep measured from the back of the overlay fronts. The distance from the face of the cabinet frame to the board upon which the builder...
  17. tarheelz

    Shop countertop

    Whenever your shop counter-top looks as good as the "Farmhouse Table" being offered for $1,200 on Craigslist, you're doing a good job.
  18. tarheelz

    Plastic connectors for electrical

    Let's hope Richo heeded the advice here. It will be an unwelcome surprise when he goes to sell (or his heirs do).
  19. tarheelz

    What happens when we are gone?

    While I build furniture for myself, the quality furniture in my grandfather's home was conveyed with the home when we sold it after his passing. I am hopeful the buyers kept it but it may very well have ended up as firewood. I tell myself it's ok. The scarcity of old, quality furniture is...

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