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  1. Hmerkle

    Small batch of S4S

    Boyd, We need to get you set-up as an advertiser and then you will have access to the "Advertiser's news" forum!
  2. Hmerkle

    HNPD, Part 2

    Boy oh boy, that one looks like it is in GREAT shape!
  3. Hmerkle

    Help Needed

    Dirk, Prayers for you both - I have faith that everything will work out for Theresa!
  4. Hmerkle

    Graduation Gift ideas for femal high school senior

    On the chintzier side - I made a tusk and through tenon book shelf that straddled my dorm fridge - it packed flat, for the move - maybe the original "flat pack"?! Now the "Loft" that I created with 6X6 beams, where my roommate and I slept, which spanned the dorm room - that had to come in the...
  5. Hmerkle

    Graduation Gift ideas for femal high school senior

    Pen and Pencil set with a beautiful case? (I think Penn state makes Doctor emblem (caduceus) and that could probably be replicated on the box... )
  6. Hmerkle

    Chestnut or Oak

    Agreed - the grain looks A LOT like White Oak, but I don't think powder post beetles or other insects attack White Oak - maybe someone smarter will weigh in?
  7. Hmerkle

    Chestnut or Oak

    Looks like Chestnut to me (only becase of the bug holes) How heavy is it (that would be my test - chestnut of the same size would be lighter than white oak...
  8. Hmerkle


    Most of mine I clean-up (literally wash with soap and water - dry well - then oil) I do flatten the sole on sandpaper applied to granite and usually run the sides as well. I usually pull the frog and verify it is flat (run it over the finer sandpaper grit unless there is a lot of rust) Some I...
  9. Hmerkle

    Lumber for dining room table

    John, Ask the guys at the molding source Not sure they have what you need, but.... worth a try Also we hav a reference if you go to "Resources, Wood Reference" It is available in PDF and Excel Here is a link to the PDF version - I didn't see anything...
  10. Hmerkle

    winged lidded bowl with fractal burning

    I think it looks GREAT John!
  11. Hmerkle

    The Color of Screws

    They both appear shiny in the picture, so you must have something "shiny-ier" that you are comparing them to or notion in your head of what they "should" look like...??? If you have nickel plated screws (think the silver terminal on an outlet) or passivated stainless - they might appear more...
  12. Hmerkle

    Alternative to Kreg brand screws?

    The "Kreg" screw is a pan-washer head with a square drive or a cheese head with a square drive and the shank is slotted to function like a "cutting thread" rather than acting like a wedge (think of how the point of a sheet metal screw would function in wood - typically it will create splits if...
  13. Hmerkle

    Paw Print Inlay

    Mike, I LOVE this picture - project is nice and all that - but your model and the look on that face is priceless!
  14. Hmerkle

    The Color of Screws

    Mike, Rick is correct - the top one is zinc and clear chromate or zinc and blue chromate and the bottom one is zinc and yellow chromate. The zinc is the base coat applied to the fastener and the chromate coating is applied to keep the zinc from corroding. Nearly everyone uses Tri-valent coating...
  15. Hmerkle

    The job I did not want but ...

    That is a testament to your skills and a demonstration of your love - Prayers for you and the family.
  16. Hmerkle

    Alternative to Kreg brand screws?

    Ian, Klingspor carries Pan-Am brand (Kreg-like) screws - it is worth a call to get pricing.
  17. Hmerkle

    Veritas Mk II Horning Guide $25.00 Sold

    Dick, If Henry doesn't buy it - I am interested.
  18. Hmerkle

    Looking for Ebony

    Jim - I don't understand what you mean - 26 X $48- $1,248...
  19. Hmerkle

    Lovingly Remembered

    Phil, I am so sorry to hear this, I know you have the peace that she is in a better place.
  20. Hmerkle

    How to bevel the edge of a circle?

    no - you would probably go out and buy some fancy CNC or ??? machine to make it! ha ha

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