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  1. Hmerkle

    Knew Concepts saw

    I have considered purchasing one of these saws as many of you have said they are wonderful. The question is, which one? the 3 inch, the 5 in, one with rotating blade - SO many choices... Right now I am looking at the 3" Mark III saw with lever tension - but I am curious, if I will miss not...
  2. Hmerkle

    Thread notifications

    I was complaining that I get too many e-mails from NCWW and was told that I can change that with our new software. By clicking on the "Watch" button (circled in red) on the upper right hand corner of a thread a box with two choices comes up. By selecting the "Watch this thread... without...
  3. Hmerkle

    Thank you

    I wanted to publicly thank Ron (Flying Ron) for making a change to the site. Previously when you clicked on "Home" the page was "taken over" but the .com site Now it opens a new tab, so where you were is preserved. He said "Oh that is simple" sometimes the simple things are the best!
  4. Hmerkle

    Looking for help - Honest furniture appraiser near Jacksonville, NC

    I saw a post on FB asking for help, The poster says: " I am at risk of losing my home due to damages caused by Florence. Located in Jacksonville, NC" Anyone out that way have suggestions? Here is a link to his post...
  5. Hmerkle

    Dust Collection and You Tube

    We talk about dust collection a lot here and You Tube videos. I think this is a GREAT reference. Here is one from Jay Bates (a popular You Tuber and watched by many here) but I was impressed with one of my "local companies" making good and while I know the Nordfab is expensive, but WOW how...
  6. Hmerkle

    Were wooden pipes ever used as water mains? More interesting information from "It's a Fire Life" on Facebook: Interesting discovery in Colchester Ct. The water department was repairing a main when they discovered a wooden water main , the main...
  7. Hmerkle

    Bring the shop to your office

    The timeless beauty of nature, right here on your desk.
  8. Hmerkle

    RZ Mask

    Has anyone tried these? what do you think? Apologies if there is already a review out there...
  9. Hmerkle

    How do I reference a post?

    In VB there was a button to start a PM, so when I was in a post you could simply click on that and enter the handle of the person you wanted that message directed to... Does that option not exist in XenForo?
  10. Hmerkle


    Why did you come to NCWW? Why do you stay? What do you like about NCWW? What do you like about NCWW versus other forums (if you are a member of other forums) What are two things NCWW does better than other forums? (or two things you like about NCWW) What are two things you wish NCWW would do...
  11. Hmerkle

    Request for opinions

    Saw this on FB Market place near me - I realize this is not a Jet or Supermax, but the real question is this: is it worth $450 or not?
  12. Hmerkle

    DeWalt Scroll Saw Question

    A little help from my scroller friends... Is a type1 DeWalt scroll saw worth $250? I have not seen it, I have NO idea of the condition, but that seems cheaper than I have seen recently...
  13. Hmerkle

    problem with Chrome

    What is being done to deal with the display problem with chrome?
  14. Hmerkle

    Klingspor Abrasives Help Desk

    New Link from Mike at Klingspor posted on Facebook - answers to your abrasive questions. (pretty cool!) Do you have a question about abrasives you'd like answered? We have started a help desk and would like to answer your questions! Klingspor's Woodworking Shop
  15. Hmerkle

    Goodwill Lathe

    Quite a while ago someone made a list of the goodwill lathe inventory. I searched for it in the resources, but did not find it. I searched a little in the forum threads (not too much) but it didn't pop to the top of the list... Whomever did that can you let me know and then send me the list...
  16. Hmerkle

    South Carolina funeral home to honor unclaimed veteran

    Caughman Harman Funeral Home (Columbia SC) said the funeral for Petty Officer Third Class James Miske will be 10 a.m. Friday at Fort Jackson National Cemetery near Columbia. I am going to give them a call tomorrow to see how he will be laid to rest - if cremated, can we get an urn down here for...
  17. Hmerkle

    Festool question

    Will a Festool CT Midi work for a TS55 and an ETS 125 sander or do I need to wait for a deal on a CT 26?
  18. Hmerkle

    Moisture Meter opinions

    I purchased a Delmhorst J-lite moisture meter. I was wondering if it is a good meter - I found these reviews: Delmhorst J-LITE 6% to 30% Pin LED Wood Moisture Meter - Delmhorst Moisture Meter - As usual "Great price" and "easy to use" is not a reccomendation of the product itself...
  19. Hmerkle

    how do I?

    I want to search for a member, but I only have his name not his handle. (I am looking for William Francis Brown - GALLERY | William Francis Brown||Fine Furniture|Camden,ME ) Earlier today I was looking for an old friend, but I only know his name as well... any ideas?
  20. Hmerkle

    Popular Woodworking - Greene and Greene

    Thought of @KenOfCary when I first saw this - but there are many Greene and Greene fans out there and thought I would share this article...

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