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  1. woodArtz

    Moving to Texas...

    After 17 years in NC, my company is transferring me to Austin, Tx. I'm going to miss all the friends and family here, but I felt like the move was necessary. Of course, I'll find a house with space for the lathes. Hopefully, I'll be turning again soon. I'll certainly miss the face to face...
  2. woodArtz

    Maple Hollowform

    I haven't posted in a while. Hope all the turners out there are doing good. Here's a large Maple Hollow form I completed recently.
  3. woodArtz

    Looking for burl for turning

    I'm looking for decent sized cherry or maple burl caps. My stock has been depleted over the past few months. These blanks will need to be large enough for 12" to 16" hollow forms. I've checked with my local sources with no luck so far. Thanks for any leads. :thumbs_up
  4. woodArtz


    Recent Flame Box Elder hollow form. Dimensions are 8" x 3". I finished it with about 100 coats of WOP (ok, maybe 10 coats).
  5. woodArtz

    Tool Gloat/Hot Deal: Delta Midi Lathe

    Packard Woodworks is advertising a pretty good deal on the Delta Midi lathe. Basically, they are throwing in a free stand (~$150 value) with the lathe purchase. I've been eyeing the Delta Midi for a little while, so I bit. Now, I just have to find room in the shop for another lathe... ;)
  6. woodArtz

    Craft Gallery Show

    My work is on display at the NC Crafts Gallery in Carrboro during the month of June. There will be a reception on Friday June 8th during the 2nd Friday Art Walk. Come on by and say hello if you get a chance. View image in gallery
  7. woodArtz

    Time for a new tool!

    Well, my old Milwaukee right angle drill gave up the ghost. I has served me the past three years, not as a drill, but as a bowl sander. So, I'm in the market for new angle drill/sander. Milwaukee replaced my old model with a new one that many reviewers hate. :confused_ Anybody have good...
  8. woodArtz

    Last Show of the Year...

    The wife and I will be setting up at the Rock and Shop Market on Saturday in Durham. It's our last show of the year... whew! Come by and say hello if you're out that way.
  9. woodArtz

    NC Woodturning Symposium starts today

    Headed to the symposium today through Sunday. :eusa_danc I hope to see some of you there! Remember the vendor area is open to the public.
  10. woodArtz

    Hillsborough Last Fridays Event

    Hey Folks, I'll have a table at the Last Fridays event this evening. Food, Fun, Music, Arts... :eusa_danc If you're in the area, pop on by and say hello! Bob
  11. woodArtz

    Not the way I wanted to get turning blanks

    Good news: I have a bunch of Bradford Pear turning blanks in my front yard :eusa_thin Bad news: I just lost a mature Bradford Pear to the high winds of tonight's thunderstorm :wsad:
  12. woodArtz

    Found a nail today...

    I used my table saw with a nice Freud Fusion blade to find a 16d nail in a big slab of oak. Very effective at finding nails... arggghhhhhhh! :BangHead: I am now the proud owner of a metal detector and a new blade. Nothing like closing the barn door after the cows are out... :no: Big Nail...
  13. woodArtz

    Reported Post by woodArtz

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  14. woodArtz

    Tiger Pen

    In honor of LSU's wonderful 11-2 season and the Cotton Bowl win, I turned this Purple and Gold pen today. I got the purple and gold blanks from a fellow on another forum. I then sliced them up and reassembled the two colors with epoxy. Lots of fun... :eusa_danc View image in gallery View...
  15. woodArtz

    New use for old rollerblades...

    After fighting the power of centrifugal force for a while, I finally decided to create some support for my hollowform work. I have seen various designs for steady rests that incorporate some way of surrounding the work with a wheeled support. I decided to use a hybrid of the designs I saw and...
  16. woodArtz

    Errpr message when attempting to upload pics

    I receive this message when attempting to upload a picture. Sorry, you don't have permission to upload photos.
  17. woodArtz

    Looking for thick Walnut bowl blanks

    I'm in the process of turning some large salad bowls and I've finally exhausted my supply of thick-wide Walnut lumber. I need something about 4" thick by 10" to 14" wide. I know I'm asking for a tough one. PM if you have something available :icon_thum. Thanks!
  18. woodArtz

    Hillsborough Hog Day

    Hey folks, if your looking for a nice fair and some good BBQ come out to Hillsborough Hog Day. It usually has some pretty good craft booths, if your looking for a gift for dad. If you do come out, wear those NCWW hats or shirts so we can find each other. I'll likely be there early... 'fore it...
  19. woodArtz

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  20. woodArtz

    Another celebrity amongst us!

    While flippin' through my new copy of American Woodturner tonight, I noticed that one of our own won a recent turning contest. Don Leydens, woodturnerdon, won the February 2010 AAW website contest with his nicely turned tool handle. Congrats Don! :icon_thum

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