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    Well, this kindof just happened....

    The price was right , so I couldnt turn it down
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    quick poll

    Was wondering how many Pros we have here? semi pros (you make more than $20k/yr woodworking) and hobbyists.
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    Free to good home!

    Delta mobile base , come get it!. Sorry, not meeting, delivering or the like, just need it gone.
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    Drum sanders, Jet, performax et al....

    How many out there have the open style drum sanders? How much paper do you go through?. I have a Jet 22-44 and I had to rewind it 3 times today.... thats ALOT of paper! First of all, how often do you get pitch and gum buildup causing burning?. This is extremely annoying when working with Maple...
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    Heres a scam if ever Ive seen one!
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    Festool 125 Rotex useage question

    I recently bought the Festool 125 Rotex sander. While I am extremely impressed with its ability to remove heavy stock quickly (in ROTEX mode) if need be, im not that impressed when used in standard mode (ROS). While finishing a large island top required some Rotex mode useage, leveling some glue...
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    Festool ROS?

    OK, Ill admit it, Ive become a festool junkie, Domino 700, Ts75 etc....... I figure admitting you have a problem is the start to rehabilitation. I drank the koolaid and well, I was impressed. All joking aside, Im investigating a new festool ROS for general finishing use. Been using Bosch...
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    This looks interesting...
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    Latest Project

    It finally came time to install my latest project. Its in my girlfriends new house shes building. Not sure how much time I have in it, but its alot!. The base is hard maple and plywood construction. The legs are 5" square at the top. It measures 94 x 54 over all. The top is Black walnut, 2"...
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    The "safest" tools and hurrying.....

    I learned a couple valuable lessons last night. One, If youre in a hurry, dont be, the project will be there tomorrow. Two, the tools you take for granted CAN hurt you. Long story short, I was in a hurry to assemble something and needed to open up some holes from 5/16 to 3/8" . So I grabbed my...
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    Delta Benchtop Mortiser

    I have a Delta benchtop mortiser In the box I never use, its just taking up space. MAKE an offer! has 3 chisels. Picture is the same model, not the actual unit but almost never used.
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    DOMINO XL???

    Anyone have a gently used Domino XL theyd like to part with?
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    Well, its IN the shop.......

    It was a struggle getting it in, but its now in....
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    Aspen wood?

    Has anyone ever used Aspen for anything?
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    Vectric software?

    Is anyone here using Vectric?
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    And now to move in.....

    So , finally the "shell" is complete and now I have the arduous task of finishing the inside and moving in.
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    Meanwhile, In Lexington....

    So, this has been going on....
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    System admins?

    Who are the system admins?
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    Does anyone want this?

    This needs to go to a good home for free... its 40 x 68 and no, the vises do not come with it. IM me please. I need it gone in the next few days please.

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