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  1. smallboat

    Eastern Red Cedar? And price opinions

    FWIW I purchased rough cut eastern red cedar for $0.25 /BF (yes that's right) from a sawyer a few years back. Not saying that should be your price but a little perspective
  2. smallboat

    Kitchen design using 2020

    I could probably make the open shelves work. IF I got rid of all the stuff in the upper cabinets that I don't use!
  3. smallboat

    Well, this kindof just happened....

    It doesn't look like you're cramped for space but if that yellow lathe of yours is in the way, I could move it for you.
  4. smallboat

    What is your indispensable hand tool?

    Toss up between sharpening stones and my brain. Sorry Mike, you have both in good supply. Can't help you justify a new purchase. Can't do much without a sharp edge. When I don't have the "right" tool to do the job I can figure out the best way to proceed with the tools at hand. It may not be...
  5. smallboat

    What chisels/gouges should i acquire?

    Good advice all around. I'm surprised no one else has mentioned this so I will. Whatever you have, you'll need to keep it sharp.
  6. smallboat

    Preserving sharp edges

    Looks like he gets it off the blades he has sharpened professionally and he reuses it. I'd be interested if someone knows what it is too.
  7. smallboat

    Sound system..?

    "ancient ipad" everything's relative!
  8. smallboat

    Drill press (was) kicking GFI breaker

    Thanks. Good to know.
  9. smallboat

    Drill press (was) kicking GFI breaker

    I had an outlet go bad in the garage. Replaced the outlet - no change. Being lazy I just got used to using a different outlet. But with a little more home time this spring I looked further into it. Another outlet on the same GFCI circuit was the problem. When I opened it up I found melted...
  10. smallboat

    Clearing out the scrap pile

    cool. I hadn't heard of that project.
  11. smallboat

    Clearing out the scrap pile

    Is a little food pantry like a little library but for food?
  12. smallboat

    Not much in the General Woodworking section

    This is going to be fun!
  13. smallboat

    Sold - Leg vise hardware

    I had to pass. Enjoy the vise
  14. smallboat

    Sold - Leg vise hardware

    Count me interested. If you're anywhere on the north side of Raleigh - Airport to Brassfield area I'll be there tomorrow evening. Otherwise I'll leave it to someone else.
  15. smallboat

    Some pipe/ industrial furniture

    Also where did you source the metal parts? a friend found a cost effective source but its been a few years and I've lost it. planning a couple of table bases at the moment
  16. smallboat

    Some pipe/ industrial furniture

    did you double the top on the large table? it looks thicker, may also be different material. the plies look fewer and thicker?
  17. smallboat

    Sawstop Contractor w/52” T-Glide Pros/Cons

    We upgraded to this saw two years ago at the school where I teach. It is a great saw and it's good to know the safety feature is there. I don't know what else to say. It does what I expect, reliable, smooth adjustments, no quirks that get on my nerves. Just a good saw, with the safety plus...
  18. smallboat

    New shop suggestions

    Think about storage for raw materials, work in progress and finishing. Unless you have convenient storage in a separate space. Also, access to get materials in and out. I work in a similar sized metal building, nothing fancy just a up purposed storage building. We have full width overhead...
  19. smallboat

    Another spalted bowl

    nicely done!

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