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    Finishing poplar with dye and gel stain

    I made a polar table that was dark brown almost black following a wood magazine recommendation. From memory the below link used a black dye followed by a seal coat and then walnut stain.
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    Need some wood ID'ed please

    I vote ash too. Ash seems to have more “pores” in the end grain than oak. Oak also has a slightly different grain pattern: From here: Distinguishing Red and White Oak | The Wood Database
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    Just Plain STUPID - Lowes

    I think they also do this when getting rid of a particular brand/product. It seems I always miss these good deals in tools, but sometimes stumble into them with random things like bolts/lags or storage bins.
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    Chair Repair

    Thanks for the feedback! This is a picture of the chair: It’s much more comfortable than the modern office chairs I use at work. I’m not sure what the wood is but I have some thin cherry scrap that I will use for the flat piece and will use some dye:stain that I have to get a close match...
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    Chair Repair

    I picked up this banker’s chair the other day and found someone got creative with one of the wheel stems: I was thinking of filling the both of holes with dowels but am not sure how to patch/repair the missing wood. There used to be a flat surface where the wheel stem was but that seems to...
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    Worried too much about wasted wood?

    I have boxes and buckets of offcuts from 6” to 3’ that I regularly cull for random pieces needed to shim something or throw away. Like others I tend to pitch the pine first and save the hardwood for a later day (sometimes I burn the hardwood in the fireplace, never pine though).
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    You can only choose 3.

    I’m in the planer camp. I actually have 2 planers (lunchbox and stationary=heavier duty) that have been around longer than my bandsaw. I thought I would use the band saw more but found I don’t like changing blades and I would really like more resaw capacity than a 14” BS without rise can...
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    Contractor saw alignment

    It may be worthwhile to check the blade at something other then 90 degrees to the table as well (I need to do this with my table saw):
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    Repeat with better photos

    I seem to remember chestnut being used in Eastern Ohio barns and antique furniture. Of course this was well before my time, but grandparents and older were OH farmers that were also into antiques.
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    Bow saw

    The folding corona saw worked well going through a 6-7” white cedar.
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    I ordered dual locking casters similar to these from that seller: I wanted steel and poly that locked. They have worked well under my Unisaw dolly/cart since installing 6/2018. I...
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    Abrasive Belts Bandsaw

    These came with a Rockwell 14” BS that I bought. I don’t plan on using them or have the attachment that makes them work with my BS. Does anyone have a use for these? The belts are 91” long. They’re free to whomever wants them
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    Bow saw

    Thanks all! Ended up getting the folding corona saw mentioned earlier. Looks like a common complaint is the teeth aren’t completely covered when closed. I do t plan on putting it in a backpack, so not an issue for me!
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    Bow saw

    Thanks Rick! I was looking at that style as well. Do you like the corona brand? I see folks prefer the corona or the tarvol brand on amazon. I’ve never used one but it seems similar to what’s on the pole pruner.
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    Bow saw

    Preferences for bow saws for pruning? I’m not taking down a forest, but just some light pruning around the yard. Simple fiskers for $11 Or bahco for $28 Or another brand? I’ve only used one of these when cutting down Christmas trees. Does the handle really make that big of a difference? I...
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    Cabinet bed plan

    This has some good tips for building a Murphy bed:
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    Suggestions for Home & Kitchen

    I have cherry countertops finished in multiple coats of waterlox in 2 of our bathrooms. The one bathroom is the main half bath used by everyone (I have 4 kids under 8) and has seen a lot of use without any signs of the finish breaking down or need for renewal. I ended up using waterlox for...
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    Interesting auction purchase

    Perhaps a glimmer of hope for the younger generation combining a college degree with skilled craft:
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    What am I supposed to do with this...

    Some encouragement:
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    Porter Cable Router Table

    MLCS, Bosch and bench dog make a small router table. Another option would be to build a simple plywood box and use an insert or mount the router directly to the box. I had planned to build a full size table with cabinet for my router but have found my bench top solution of an old laminate...

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