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  1. Tgillis

    SOLD Delta 18x36 31-250 Drum Sander

    I am selling my drum sander for $200. Everything on it works except the mechanism to make the feed table go up and down. The tension gear on the mechanism need to be tinkered with to get it to work properly. It has a new conveyor belt, comes with new sand paper, manual and mobile base. It MUST...
  2. Tgillis


    Hello All, Does anyone know where I can purchase some acacia in North Carolina? I had not heard of it until tonight when I had someone querie about a custom cutting board made from Acacia. I did a Google search for it and all of the places that I know to look to buy lumber don't have it listed...
  3. Tgillis

    Surprise Me!

    So, I have been working in the shop and have picked up orders for cigar humidors and I am able to get them out relatively quickly given my full time job. I recently received an order for a humidor and when I received the order, I requested a wood preference. The customer told me to surprise him...
  4. Tgillis

    Pressure Tank usage

    So I recently purchase a paint tank that I intend to convert in to a pressure tank. I will be using it for resin castings but I have no idea on how to use it. Will some kind soul explain it to me so that I will be able to use my tool for my intended purpose?
  5. Tgillis

    Christmas presents i made for my work squad mates

    Since I observed that we all needed clipboards for work, I made customized clipboards as my Christmas presents to my entire squad
  6. Tgillis

    Cord Repair

    Does anyone know how to replace the cord on a Nova work lamp? I accidentally cut through mine and no need to repair it...
  7. Tgillis

    Skateboard scraps

    Anyone know where I could find and acquire some skateboard off cuts? I keep seeing cool turning made of skateboard offcuts and think it would be cool to turn some things with it...
  8. Tgillis

    Lidded box

    So i just wanted to post my first successful lidded box because why not.. It has the appropriate 'pop' sound and everything! I think it is just perfect for keeping small jewelry in.
  9. Tgillis

    Steady Rest

    Anyone have plans for a good steady rest?
  10. Tgillis


    Anyone know where I can get some kiln dried redwood in or near the triad?
  11. Tgillis

    Just a few projects in the works

    I have three projects in the works right now The first is a Jatoba Challenge Coin Holder. The second is a small cherry and Sapele cutting board that I am doing for a very generous friend, he owns a building supply business and fabricates doors from really nice hardwoods and he gave me a load of...
  12. Tgillis

    Mother's Day Gifts!

    So my mother told me recently and quite plainly that she wants a cutting board to go with the rolling pin that I gave her for Christmas. So for Mother's Day she will be receiving one of the first two that I just made, they aren't finished as I have to route roundovers, sand, brand and oil them...
  13. Tgillis

    Bench Grinder Recommendations

    I am in the market for a good bench grinder however, I don't really know what to look for in one. I want to be able to use it for sharpening my turning chisels and other things that I haven't thought of yet. What should I be looking for and why should I be looking for it?
  14. Tgillis

    Fruit wood

    Anyone know where I can get fruit wood like apple, pear, etc.? I would like to work with some just because.
  15. Tgillis

    Next Humidor in the works

    So when I was commissioned to do a humidor build the deal was for an African Padauk one and a Cherry one. The Cherry one is on the works now and is not taking me nearly as long as the first one because I got the hang of this plan now not to mention all of the tools I had to acquire to be able to...
  16. Tgillis

    Cigar Humidor

    Since the new website has the capability, I am going to post my most recent project! I built a cigar humidor from African Padauk and Spanish Cedar. It was a project full of firsts for me and I don't think I did half bad, if I do say so myself.
  17. Tgillis


    So while I have the turning bug, I am rather uneducated on a lot of the chucks, tools and their uses. I have two chucks and a few sets of jaws but they are all Nova brand. One thing I have noticed with Nova is that they discontinued their quick change chuck. I like their chucks but it would be...
  18. Tgillis

    Lots of White Oak

    I am in the process of having three large white oak trees cut down. Two if the three are currently on the ground. I live in High Point and thought I would put it out that if i have way more wood than I know what to do with and would love for some others to come and get some for the price tag of...
  19. Tgillis

    Belt Sander recommendations

    So, I am at a point where I dont want to struggle with my tools to be able to use them without them tearing up my work. I need recommendations on a good belt sander that won't try to run away from me the entire time I use it. Any ideas ladies and gents?
  20. Tgillis

    Current projects

    Right now I am working on a cigar humidor and it is full of 'firsts' for me. On this project, I routed my first set of through dovetails, routed my first raised panel, cut my first set of successful mitered corners and currently I am working on figuring out how to install mortised hinges for the...

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