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  1. Phil S

    Townsend Bureau WIP

    Fabulous. David, I have a spare dehumidifier if you would like to borrow for this summer
  2. Phil S

    Another price question

  3. Phil S

    Just Plain STUPID - Lowes

    My guess is the employee just did not know how to streamline the process. Just last week I did the same, the employee gave me a slip for the lock and four keys. Took that to the cashier paid for all, then the hardware guy cut my keys and we where done in less than ten. Seemed pretty easy to...
  4. Phil S

    Sound system..?

    Denon amp w/bluetooth to 250 albums on my iPhone. Front speakers are AR and Sony in the rear. Great sound. But often, if I am running machinery I will use my Bose noise-cancelling headphones also on Bluetooth to my iPhone - even better sound
  5. Phil S

    Benchtop Drill Press

    With a $5 raffle ticket you could win a very nice Nova drill press
  6. Phil S

    Large Planer Service

    Raleigh Reclaimed in North Raleigh can surface your top up to 57" wide
  7. Phil S

    Oversized TV Tray made from walnut with inlays.

    How thin are the holly and ebony stripes? They look to be about .015 Great work
  8. Phil S

    Free large monitors

    Great Please meet me at the loading dock of the BB&T building tomorrow morning at 7:00. Masks are required Thanks
  9. Phil S

    Free large monitors

    I have two NEC MultiSync P521 50+" monitors with SP-PS52 sound bars. Plus I have the quality Chief wall mounts and the remotes. These are available for pickup in downtown Raleigh at 7 am mon-fri I did say free but I would want whomever wants these to buy 10 raffle tickets each Let me know...
  10. Phil S

    Bandsaw lubricant

    I have a Hammer N4400 and a MiniMax S45N. I have never lubricated either
  11. Phil S

    NCWW could use a stimulus

    Finally they did - They had my bank info for 120 days and finally they used it to my advantage. Now I can buy one of the winning raffle tickets
  12. Phil S

    Veneer glue up failure

    I have some epoxy left overs you can use up Plus I have a vacuum pump you can use, designed for continual duty. I am in NE Raleigh
  13. Phil S

    Vacuum pump condensor?

    I have never experienced this, thankfully. I use Robinair, Gast and Edwards. None have created an oil cloud
  14. Phil S

    Disposable Gloves

    I just bought a box from Sams - maybe I was just lucky to be shopping at the right time
  15. Phil S

    One thing leads to another (Final pictures)...

    WOW Fabulous work
  16. Phil S

    Cold forming plywood question

    I checked the supply but I have prepreg CF, which means it is pre-impregnated with epoxy resin. We keep it frozen at 0 degrees and it must be used very quickly when it thaws. Real hard to send to you frozen. Upon further review, a biaxial weave fiberglass in a 6 to 10 weight will work...
  17. Phil S

    Cold forming plywood question

    You might want to consider carbon fiber instead of fiberglass. How big is this piece? I might have some in the freezer
  18. Phil S

    Clamps needed to borrow/rent

    Raleigh Reclaimed in North Raleigh
  19. Phil S

    Heirlooms without a destiny

    I feel quite good that we are going to figure out a way to give them a new home in the US. Yes I will absolutely host a tour and yes we will get out from under this Covid19. Wear your mask, keep your distance and we will win.
  20. Phil S

    Heirlooms without a destiny

    VERY interested. Researching best way to get them here now

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