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  1. Phil S

    Free large monitors

    I have two NEC MultiSync P521 50+" monitors with SP-PS52 sound bars. Plus I have the quality Chief wall mounts and the remotes. These are available for pickup in downtown Raleigh at 7 am mon-fri I did say free but I would want whomever wants these to buy 10 raffle tickets each Let me know...
  2. Phil S

    Repeat with better photos

    I am trying to verify the species of wood that was used on this tall case clock The clock has been in the family for a long time - actually 333 years and I can tell you who owned it all those years. I am the 12th Back many moons ago I shared some photos asking for wood type and the answers were...
  3. Phil S

    Community THANK YOU - Goal of 600 reached !!

    We reached are goal !!! Tomorrow the Rex Foundation will pick up 600 Thank You Angels and then distribute them throughout the UNC/Rex system The following NCWW members stepped up to help with this - Thank you all Neal (bowman) Richard (graywolf) Tonika (tGillis) Rich (mrfixit71) Berta ScottM...
  4. Phil S

    Picture framing supplies wanted

    A good friend is asking me to produce a quantity of picture frames for prints he is selling online. These are range from 2’ x 3’ to 5’ x 6’. I am looking for a good supplier of framing stock. Thanks
  5. Phil S

    Community THANK YOU project

    Productive morning. Three hours - 30 something angels done This should put us at close to 400 out of a goal of 600 The eastern red cedar turns very fast. Just over three minutes lathe time
  6. Phil S

    Community THANK YOU

    We are getting there ... much more to do. We need 500 to 600 to visit multiple hospitals. Right now in my shop we have 120 jewelry angels and and 150 standup angels. Much thanks to Mark, Rich, Scott, Gene, John and Pete For those busy working on some, please let me know what I can expect...
  7. Phil S

    A bit of history

    Our self-appointed family historian found this old photo. Edmund Davison Soper, my grandfather whom I was named after I still have that carving bench, mallet, gouge and even the sweep chart on the wall Photo taken late 1940's in Evanston, Ill.
  8. Phil S

    Picnic Food

    A virtual picnic means you can eat whatever you want, but may I suggest one of my favorites. Zweigles white hots. Incredibly good. Now available at Wegmans in Raleigh If you have not signed up yet, here is the link Virtual Picnic - May16 4PM Sign up here
  9. Phil S

    Virtual Picnic - May16 4PM Sign up here

    Troublesome times we are living in - so we need to make do. We will also have a real picnic in the fall - Late September No need to travel, order a pizza and join us We will announce the new Board of Directors and the Golden Mallet winner We will have a VERY short required corporate meeting...
  10. Phil S

    A flock of angels

    You might have heard, we have a Community THANK YOU project to make angels and distribute them to al the front line medical workers fighting this virus. We hope to widely distribute in June and we need many,many angels. I finished my flock today. Plus I finished up a few more necklaces and...
  11. Phil S

    How to make an angel in five minutes

    Numerous folks are stepping up to help in our Community ThankYou program for the front line Covid19 workers. Many have asked how I quickly make the necklace angels. My process shows Easy Wood carbide tools - I am certain that a skew would be the better choice and would give a better finish...
  12. Phil S

    Front Line Angel workshop - May 9

    I would like to have a group of angel makers at my shop in Raleigh on Saturday May 9. Turning, finishing and assembly of the turned angels. I also have a scroll saw and small bandsaw for flatwork angels. There will be something for everybody to do. Plus lunch will be served. Start at nine and...
  13. Phil S

    Community THANK YOU Project - Task list added

    We all know how hard the emergency and ICU nurses are working. They truly are heroes. NCWW is very good at giving back to the community - Let us focus our efforts on handmade Thank You gifts that could be given to all these nurses. A small thoughtful gift with a nice Thank You from North...
  14. Phil S

    Bird feeder design needed

    The man who signs my paycheck needs a new bird feeder - could I say no? Now I need a design Here is what I am replacing ... does not need to be the same
  15. Phil S

    Covid19 front line workers

    How many NCWW members are front line Covid19 workers? Please let me know who you are I am going to buy each one of you a raffle ticket as a small appreciation gift - which could turn into a much nicer gift. THANK YOU
  16. Phil S

    NCWW could use a stimulus

    Federal stimulus checks are on the way. Many, all to many, truly need this to get thru this. But many do not. May I make two suggestions to those that are not needing these funds. Firstly (this comes from a conversation I had with Golfdad), put the funds away and when the ends of this nears...
  17. Phil S

    Design and verify

    I am quite sure this sign looked good on paper but in reality it is almost impossible to read. Please note the organizations name, if you can read it. I drive by this almost everyday and it serves as a good reminder to follow a plan but always make sure you are producing the expected result -...
  18. Phil S

    Screwed and plugged wood flooring - best screws?

    I am getting ready to install 800 sq ft of 6" wide t&g hickory. I like the look of a screwed and plugged floor so I am planning on adding 2 screws to each plank and plugging them with walnut plugs. The screws will be going thru the 3/4" hickory, the 3/4" subfloor and into the floor joists...
  19. Phil S

    Need some help, please

    Actually we (the Board of Directors) need a few members to join us. NCWW depends on new BoD members to keep us from getting stale - new blood is important in every organization. Please send me a message when you decide. Thanks
  20. Phil S

    Cool shop for somebody

    I came across a great split-system air conditioner that needs a new home. This is a Liebert system that was used as supplemental cooling in a server room. For those that do not recognize the Liebert name, it is the best of the best. This system is designed for 277 single phase power so it...

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