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    The Woodworking Source page

    Congratulations! Page Liked!
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    I don’t know if things change but I had one of the originals ICS models. Extension table was a wood frame with a laminated top. Never had a problem in the 10 years I owned it.
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    PTT49er's Shop Build

    Dude! Nice, a shop build! Awesome!
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    New member Florida

    Welcome. While I used to be up in Charlotte, NC I am now down in Bradenton, FL. Join the "North Carolina Woodworkers" and "Florida Woodworkers" on Facebook if you use that too.
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    Saw Table Discoloration

    Yes, I was able to get them removed about 95%. There was a "ghost" mark remaining, but subsequent cleanings diminished them too.
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    Saw Table Discoloration

    I did the same thing ... only worse, to my SawStop when I had it. I use the Boeshield RustFree ... just spray it on then lightly scrub it. After sitting a short time (few minutes), I wipe it off and then put T9 and Renaissance Microcrystalline wax on it. I was able to keep my table very clean...
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    Saw Table Discoloration

    RustFree and you should be good as new
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    VERY upset at the loss of this resource!

    There are tools out there that allow you to download an entire website. While perhaps not perfect, might be good enough if you plan to use this for offline use & personal reference.
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    16" Oliver Jointer

    Awesome machine, but that's too much. It was probably purchased for $500 on IRSAuctions or something similar, and the person was hoping for a flip. That being said ... wow.
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    Tool Gloat - Rikon 6"x48" Belt / 10" Disk Sander

    Congrats to you, and right on Woodcraft (Denis is a good guy!)
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    Fuji spray systems?

    No on the Earlex, not even a comparison. I have the Fuji Pro 4-turbine setup (got it used on CL) and you'll probably need nothing more than it ... ever. Really an awesome setup and lays down a beautiful coat.
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    I am considering a Festool Midi

    Good choice (though maybe consider the 26 as the little guys can fill up too quickly). I have had many brands leading up to my Festool one and none are a match (though I had two FEIN which were dang good ... one eventually died though). The Festool dust collectors are sweet ... enjoy!
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    V-Carve Inlay of a Bulldog using CNC

    Yeah, VCarve really does. The software is really simple ... and designed for CNC dummies, which is nice!
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    New CNC & First Project (Axiom AR8)

    Good stuff ... this has been the most fun week in woodworking around my house in a long while! Learning a new tool is one thing, but putting this CNC to work is another. This really changes the game. Can't wait to learn more!
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    AVAILABLE AGAIN - Fine Homebuilding Magazine - $9.99/year (up to 2 years) @ DiscountMags w/code

    Re: Fine Homebuilding Magazine - Currently Available for $9.99/year (up to 2 years) @ DiscountMags Everytime you do this you cost me another $20 (this time a gift for a good friend)
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    V-Carve Inlay of a Bulldog using CNC

    Using the new CNC machine (Axiom AR8) and Vectric VCarve Pro 8.5, I decided to give dive right into a vcarve inlay. Now, at first I didn't know what this terminology meant, but it's really slick. Essentially you use a v-bit to carve the negative and positive, then glue them together and resaw...
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    New CNC & First Project (Axiom AR8)

    It has arrived! Picked up a new Axiom AR8 CNC machine and put it to work immediately. Knowing absolutely nothing about CNC, it's a small learning curve ... but obviously not that bad, as I had a few signs within a day. Below are some pictures of the machine, along with one of the first...
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