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  1. llucas

    Shop Cabinets

    Great job! Don't you love it when things start to take shape. Productivity will skyrocket now. Thanks for sharing
  2. llucas

    You can only choose 3.

    another vote for planer...get a good one as it will get a tremendous amount of use. I pretty much start with all rough cut wood and everything that comes off my table saw sees some time at the planer. A jointer is another consideration, but a planer can serve as a face jointer if you use a...
  3. llucas

    Oscillating Spindle Sander Wanted (I think)

    +3 on the Ridgid....not very sophisticated by very versatile...It gets a lot of use in my shop. Seems like I am always touching something up on it. It was also invaluable in making the Maloof style rocker this past year.
  4. llucas

    I finally built something

    John, those are suhweet! I really like the metal/wood combo, and I especially like the way you tapered the underside of the tops to lighten the look and add real class. Thanks for sharing.
  5. llucas

    Recent turnings

    Ed, those look really nice! Great proportions, and excellent finish. Thanks for sharing
  6. llucas

    Just a Few

    Charlie...yep, just a smidge of all the hours of enjoyment you have provided us with your talents. My first thought in seeing today's post is someone just found another room in King Tut's tomb. Thanks for sharing.
  7. llucas

    Need Help...Electrical problem with Grizzly 20" planer

    You guys are why I LOVE this site!!! and Phil, your offer to help is really appreciated, but you are now off the hook. Update : taking all the above suggestions into account I started with the plug---small flash burn at the tip of one of the actually fell loose while examining it...
  8. llucas

    Need Help...Electrical problem with Grizzly 20" planer

    Boy! You guys are great! I've got some homework to do now. Neal, the receptacle and plug are rated at 50 A. Gonna take a look inside both the receptacle and plug today. To be continued.
  9. llucas

    Need Help...Electrical problem with Grizzly 20" planer

    Thanks for the replies, fellows. And after a warm meal and time to re-think the events, it is clear I need to check the wiring inside the receptacle. Re. the 50 AMP circuit...well the story gets a little complicated, but I'll try to keep it simple. It is a 5hp motor and the machine specs call...
  10. llucas

    Need Help...Electrical problem with Grizzly 20" planer

    I've had a Grizzly 1033x planer for about 18 months now...was cleaning and adjusting rollers etc. Tried to run a test piece and got a white flash out of the wall receptacle and machine stopped. Full disclaimer, I know little about electricity, but I do know that is not good. Unplugged unit...
  11. llucas

    Granddaughter's book shelf.

    That's cool! is the lattice fur as well?
  12. llucas

    Must be more too the story

    oh! that gives me a knot in the tummy
  13. llucas

    Miscellaneous video thread

    Cool. Very useful, thanks for sharing.
  14. llucas

    Maple and re-purposed mahogany bed

    Beautiful! Great project and build description. Thanks for sharing.
  15. llucas

    Need Conveyor Belt for Supermax 37x2

    Looking for a recommendation for a replacement conveyor belt for my SuperMax 37x2 drum sander. There are several sources on line, but the price is so variable I'm not sure which to get so as to get good quality and not get stung. Any suggestions from those of you who have faced this issue?
  16. llucas

    Dewalt 735 problem

    not likely from your description but maybe sawdust/chips in the channels that holds the posts. I had a cracked/broken blade hood that allowed chips to not get expelled and they got wedged in there. Blowing them clean fixed that til I ordered a replacement part.
  17. llucas

    Embroidery work station

    That looks great, Bill. What wood did you use? Is that paint or tinted lacquer?
  18. llucas

    What is this thing?

    And this is one of the many reasons I love this site...
  19. llucas

    Recent Turnings

    Charlie, as always I am totally impressed each time I see your work. The intricacies and patterns seem endless. This time I took more time to notice the actual finish. I like the warm tone and subtle sheen. What is your finishing process?

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