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  1. Bill Clemmons

    Townsend Bureau WIP

    Very nice, David. Look forward to seeing the rest of it.
  2. Bill Clemmons

    spool cabinet restoration

    This might give you some ideas. Lots of pics.
  3. Bill Clemmons

    No more woodworking for awhile..........

    I already have 2 table saws in my shop. His was kinda in the way. Fortunately it didn't stay there long. :)
  4. Bill Clemmons

    No more woodworking for awhile..........

    Yep, looks like you definitely need a new, bigger shop. Hope your, "Surprise, honey" goes well. A friend of mine once bought a table saw and wanted to know if he could store it in my shop until he figured out how to tell his wife about it. :oops:
  5. Bill Clemmons

    Happy SysAdmin day!

    AMEN ! ! !
  6. Bill Clemmons

    Finishing poplar with dye and gel stain

    Larry, the best way to handle the raised grain situation is to wet the wood before your last sanding. Then go ahead w/ your sanding once the wood is dry. Next apply the water soluble dye. W/ Poplar it will slightly raise the grain again, but you can smooth it out w/ 0000 steel wool (assuming...
  7. Bill Clemmons

    FS: Rockwell 40-407 VS Scroll Saw

    Thanks Gene. I don't even remember which part I needed now, it's been so long since I messed w/ it. I'm not much of a scroller so it's obviously not a high priority for me. :)
  8. Bill Clemmons

    Spalted maple stain options

    In this case I would use a water soluble dye.
  9. Bill Clemmons

    FS: Rockwell 40-407 VS Scroll Saw

    Nice restoration, Gene. Where did you find the parts? I have a 40-440 that needs 1 or 2 parts, but everywhere I look it says "no longer available".
  10. Bill Clemmons

    Shop Cabinets

    Nice job. I like the way you trimmed the drawers w/ a slightly darker wood.
  11. Bill Clemmons

    Burrowing Owls

    Congrats, Berta. An awful lot of detail work in that piece. Beautiful.
  12. Bill Clemmons

    Bandsaw lubricant

    Are you talking about lubricating bearings or the blade?
  13. Bill Clemmons

    Festool domino joiners

    Over the years I've built a lot of furniture without a domino, so I would have to vote no. I still use traditional mortise & tenon joinery. In fact, I was cutting mortises in the legs for a coffee table today. I do use a power mortising machine, so I guess I'm not totally old school.
  14. Bill Clemmons

    Drawer dividers

    Another way to get more use out of a drawer. A sliding tray.
  15. Bill Clemmons

    Drawer dividers

    One suggestion, based on personal experience: Make sure the size of each compartment is big enough to get your hand in to pick up something on the drawer bottom. Usually that means the thumb and forefinger. The higher the sides the wider the opening needs to be.
  16. Bill Clemmons

    Carousel Horse puzzle

    Pretty cool, Berta. I like it.
  17. Bill Clemmons

    NCWW Picnic Cancelled......Raffle tickets still available

    Disappointing but completely understandable given the current conditions. We'll all look forward to being together again next Spring and enjoying our friends, both new and old.
  18. Bill Clemmons

    A Willow Oak, a new chainsaw and some abandoned wood

    Nice looking wood. I look forward to seeing what you make w/ it.
  19. Bill Clemmons

    Heirlooms without a destiny

    Willem, it's a shame your Dad wasn't a craftsman in the southern U.S. Those pieces would fit right in at MESDA. Did he copy an existing design or did he design everything himself? It is truly beautiful work. Phil, good luck on your efforts to bring them here. If you are able to get them...
  20. Bill Clemmons

    Router Bit Set for Shaker Style Cabinet Doors

    I prefer Whiteside bits. Here is a link to their Stile & Rail sets. There is even one called "Shaker". The Shakers were very austere in their work and preferred little to no "extras". Most of the sets here would be considered too fancy for them. You might also check w/ Klingspor for these bits...

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