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  1. WoodWrangler

    V-Carve Inlay of a Bulldog using CNC

    Using the new CNC machine (Axiom AR8) and Vectric VCarve Pro 8.5, I decided to give dive right into a vcarve inlay. Now, at first I didn't know what this terminology meant, but it's really slick. Essentially you use a v-bit to carve the negative and positive, then glue them together and resaw...
  2. WoodWrangler

    New CNC & First Project (Axiom AR8)

    It has arrived! Picked up a new Axiom AR8 CNC machine and put it to work immediately. Knowing absolutely nothing about CNC, it's a small learning curve ... but obviously not that bad, as I had a few signs within a day. Below are some pictures of the machine, along with one of the first...
  3. WoodWrangler

    The CNC Plunge?

    A buddy of mine and I are considering a joint-dive into a CNC machine for a hobby shop. We've watched too many videos from the XCarve to the Shapeoko, to something more finished such as a CNC Shark, or even real dollars with a small Shop Bot. Unfortunately the answer is NOT clear. Curious to...
  4. WoodWrangler

    Roubo Workbench 2016 Build

    In 2009 I took on my first workbench build with a Roubo/21st Century design (thread found here Well, I'm back at it again ... this time another Roubo using the Benchcrafted hardware this go-around for a tail and leg vise. As of...
  5. WoodWrangler

    Making the Assembly Table

    For far too long, I've desired an assembly table but the workbench had to make due. Then about 6 months ago my neighbor remodeled his kitchen and removed a Boos butcher block top and gave it to me. Finally I decided it would become my new assembly table. The top was not flat though, so I...
  6. WoodWrangler

    Kids Taking to the Lathe

    Suddenly my oldest son has decided he wants to turn ... so we started with some spindles to get a feel for the machine. He was grinning ear to ear. Next time he'll wear goggles though, I know!:thumbs_up Of course, my daughter later drew things up to clarify who the helper really was...
  7. WoodWrangler

    Piggy Cutting Board

    My mother-in-law decided for Christmas I was to make her a cutting board. So we took the shop, pulls some scraps, and whipped something up. This is padauk and hard maple endgrain, later turned into a piggy shape. Turned out pretty neat though, will have to make more next year.
  8. WoodWrangler

    Walnut Bike Shelves

    Two friends of mine are going to marry this year, so I got a head start and made them some matching walnut bike shelves as a wedding gift. Essentially you mount these to the wall and then hand your bike up as art work (they ride $$$$ bikes, so they are nearly art alone). They are now getting...
  9. WoodWrangler

    Fish Skeleton Art

    A buddy of mine send me a picture of a fish skeleton decorative piece. Seemed like the perfect fit for this woodworking/fishing family. I'll have take more photos of the finished product and upload them later, but here's a sneak peek at what we came up in between other projects (waiting for...
  10. WoodWrangler

    Heart-shaped Bandsaw Boxes

    My nephew, a freshman at the University of Florida, and his buddy decided for Christmas they would make their girlfriends something handmade. They settled on bandsaw heart-shaped boxes. It was a little challenging, but they pulled through and made some cool boxes for their ladies.
  11. WoodWrangler

    Daughter Builds Wooden Tool Tote

    Enjoying some time with my 9-year old daughter in the shop this past week as she decided she wanted to build a wooden toolbox "just like Daddy has" (which was one of my first woodworking projects in 9th grade high school shop class). Good stuff, love this girl~
  12. WoodWrangler

    Made a Lumber Run

    Found an ad on Craigslist for 8/4 cherry lumber ... about 45 minutes from my house no-less. At $3/bf I figured I'd better stock up, as finding lumber around here (south Florida) is often difficult. The stuff ended up being pretty nice, and I also picked up some Poplar and 12/4 Mahogany slaps...
  13. WoodWrangler

    Lathe Tool Shelf

    The "new shop" setup continues ... this time a shelf to hold the lathe tools and some accessories. This should keep things organized, and within reach. It's made of birch and just a wipe-on finish. The joinery is a combination of Festool Domino and screws (with walnut plugs)
  14. WoodWrangler

    Neat Floors

    Recently I visited a local lumber yard to see what they had to offer. They just opened a new facility a few miles from my house, and they are still setting up parts of it. They gave me a tour of the place, in particular the owners soon-to-be office that they are working on. They have a guy...
  15. WoodWrangler

    Building Shop Cabinets

    My January weekends have been partially filled with building cabinets for the shop. They are nothing fancy ... plywood boxes, pocket hole construction, and rough-lumber fronts. This was my first time building cabinets of this sort and I found it to be VERY different than "fine" woodworking...
  16. WoodWrangler

    A rare event ... Kapex 10% Off

    It's a bit of a rare event ... the Festool Kapex is going on sale in February. I'm going to go ahead and make the jump from my Ridgid slider to the Kapex tomorrow (from none other than our loyal sponsor and friend Rick at I'm going to forgo the UG Cart and...
  17. WoodWrangler

    Hand Plane Cleanup Time

    Today was the day ... time to clean up the hand planes and true a few up a bit. I'm not done yet, but made great progress this morning re-flattening soles, removing rust, polishing parts, etc. In the next few days I also plan to re-sharpen everything and get a nice start to the new year!
  18. WoodWrangler

    Christmas 2014 Gifts - Wine Bottle/Glass Rack

    It's that time of year ... and the need to pump out a small volume of cost-considerate and time-considerate projects for gifts. My wife chose this one, which is a clone of The Drunken Woodworker's design (giving credit where credit it due -->...
  19. WoodWrangler

    First Woodworking Project - Pine Shelf

    While at my grandmothers house today delivering her new headboard, she brought out something I don't even remember making ... a pine shelf from high school shop class in 1992. Pretty neat, so I thought I'd share. BTW ... I grew up in a house that barely had a screw driver, let alone knew...
  20. WoodWrangler

    Wedding Box

    My great friend Jamie is getting married next month and asked me to make a few things for the wedding, including this wedding box. She also wanted to be part of the process, so last weekend we took to it. A few notes from the project: - Woods are Lacewood, Zebrawood, Mahogany, and highly...

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