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  1. DavidK

    Disposable Gloves

    I was able to get some at the harbor freight in Durham a few weeks ago. They only had a few size, but that beats an empty shelf :)
  2. DavidK

    New shop-suggestions for wall material

    so can my kids;)
  3. DavidK

    New shop-suggestions for wall material

    @Oka I link the suggestion, but I am tired of working on the shop and I am happy I can now work on things in an air conditioned shop. The posts in my shop are 8x8's and I think I will live with them since replacing them would probably not be cheap or easy. They support the middle of the...
  4. DavidK

    New shop-suggestions for wall material

    I went with pre-finished slatwall with surface mounted power conduit. I am still working on the shop so I am not sure if I would do anything different, but I like it so far
  5. DavidK

    Miter Saw Recommendations?

    i have a 12 inch DEWALT slider. It takes way more space than I expected and if I had to do it again, I would get the Bosch or a model with side rails so it would take less space. I would also seriously think about a 10 inch for the same reason.
  6. DavidK

    I'm Going To Need Some Sunglasses

    @jerrye Yes, each one of those puts out at least as much light as a 2 bulb fluorescent fixture.
  7. DavidK

    I'm Going To Need Some Sunglasses

    The lights linked by @djyoungcity are the same lights I installed in my shop along with some 8 footers from the same company. They work great! I think I put too many in, but I would rather have too much light than too little.
  8. DavidK

    Air Compressor -- When to Retire

    It is really unlikely that the tank will exposively decompress. What almost always happens is that the tank starts to leak. The leak will probably be at or below the water line so you will find a large rust patch under the compressor and will hear the leak. I am not proud of it, but I...
  9. DavidK

    Ryobi Resaw Band Saw

    Mark, Yes, the upper thrust bearing is in place but the side guides and their holder are missing. It wouldn't be really hard to make something, but I decided I don't need yet another project.
  10. DavidK

    Ryobi Resaw Band Saw

    FYI, saw is missing upper side guides. Good luck getting parts for it.
  11. DavidK

    RDU CL - Enco 199-9001 wood cutting bandsaw - $100 (Raleigh) - presumably SOLD

    "This posting has been deleted by its author."
  12. DavidK

    Granite lab table - $125 (castle hayne)

    One search hit for "granite weight per cubic inch": Density of Granite, solid in 285 units and reference information. That site states 1.56 oz per cubic inch.
  13. DavidK

    Granite lab table - $125 (castle hayne)

    by my calculations, the top should weigh 289.6 pounds. Might want to bring a lift or several strong friends. :)
  14. DavidK

    Virtual Picnic - May16 4PM Sign up here

    Please sign me up, too!
  15. DavidK

    Shop furniture--chisel chest

    Very nice!!
  16. DavidK

    Hollow Chisel Mortiser or Domino Jointer

    Another rather important feature for the domino is that it packs into the included sustainer which can be stored and transported easily.
  17. DavidK

    New Ladder

    I bought a Little Giant Leveler 22 about 6 months ago. I quite like it, but it is very heavy. The sticker on it says, "Proudly Designed and Engineered in the USA. Made in China."
  18. DavidK

    Design and verify

    That is amazingly hard to read. Both the wall and the sign look great, but not together.
  19. DavidK

    Chester County spice box

    very nice!
  20. DavidK

    Festool TS 55 EQ concerns?

    Yes, the TSO connectors are accurate and I do not use a straightedge unless I am doing something that requires absolute perfection. I would double check in that case, but they have been accurate every time so far. That being said, I have only had them for a few months.

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