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    A Farm Table Build

    I used General Finishes High Performance water based finish. It sprays easily, and in my basement I want to used a water based finish if I'm spraying.
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    A Farm Table Build

    Have double doors fortunately. However, the table top will actually not be permanently mounted until in place at its final location. It would be too wide (44 inches) and way too heavy to move. Without the top on, the base is 29 inch high so turned sideways easily goes through the 30 inch...
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    Townsend Bureau WIP

    That is beautiful. Great work. A small dehumidifier can solve your humidity swings in your garage. I have one in my basement and the humidity stays at 50%. Good luck!
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    Finishing poplar with dye and gel stain

    You can also use the technique to highlight specific grain patterns by increasing the contrast have the dye under the stain. It is a great technique to bring additional depth and design to your piece.
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    A Farm Table Build

    Here is the completion of this build. The client, my daughter-in-law, is delighted so all is well! Attaching the outer wrap. There are screws under the pegs so each leg is held in place by 4 floating tenons and 4 screws. They are arranged so the tenons and screws are 90 degrees apart from each...
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    Woodworking with Parallam

    Very interesting. Where do you find this wood?
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    Progress on rocking chair

    It looks perfect! Thanks for sharing how you did it!
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    SawStop: Thank You!

    Glad you had that saw!
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    170" bandsaw blade needed

    +1 for Woodcraft Bands. Quick turn around.
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    Final Result for the Chisel Box made from scrap

    I like the design as it really uses your space well.
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    Latest nesting tables

    very nice indeed!
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    What type of Shoes to you wear in your Workshop?

    I use Sketchers steel toed shoes. My floor is concrete with no pads at work stations. The shoes have lots of cushion, and the steel toes are just habit from having dropped things on my feet before.
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    Long Term Update On College

    good for You!!
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    A Farm Table Build

    those are their largest legs. I'm using a smaller set than that.
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    A Farm Table Build

    I bought the legs from Carolina Leg Company. They were super fast in delivery and the quality appears to be good. My Shopsmith doesn't have what it takes to try to turn these.
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    A Farm Table Build

    Actually the top is only 5/4 - customer's request. Table weight total is 250 pounds.
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    A table for a chessboard

    That is going to be very nice.
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    A Farm Table Build

    I was asked to make a 9 1/2 foot long farm table with painted legs and Red Oak top. Here are some beginning pictures of bench construction. The benches are a little over 8 feet long and I've tried to design them to support 800 pounds. I hope they never see that, but it is possible...
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    Recent small project - art frames

    You did a good job on those.
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    Festool Kapex problem

    I agree that FOG might have your answer. I have also just called Festool service and found them to be very helpful. I'm sure they have seen this before and might be able to tell you exactly what to do and look for as well as help you order the right parts.

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