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    what's the best way to dry cookies - with a minimum of cracks? I've about a doz butt logs that are close to 36" dia. Is there an ideal thickness to cut them, initially? I can always resaw them thinner, later. And what's best way to store while curing.
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    anyone here ever work this wood? I've seen birdhouses made of it. But I'm thinking of using it as a soundboard for either dulcimer or kantele, but don't know if it would be "bright" enuff in tone, to be worth the trouble. Also do different finishes affect tone? e.g. acrylic vs oil vs plain wax.
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    seems so many sand prior to applying finish. Is it really necessary? With fresh knives [planer] or hand scraping and tight grain, why not just put on finish of choice, sans sanding.? Does sanding enable a finish to, stick, better?
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    1PH vs 3PH

    What's difference? For motors, does 3PH produce more torque? Does one get up to speed quicker?. Other than cost between motors, what is benefit of one motor over the other? Other than motors, any other benefits/differences?
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    corona dust mask

    in light of the coronavirus, my online news feed shows the general public buying up a lot of the N95 masks. I don't buy 'em by the box, as I probably should. So, for those who've bought the electric versions - whaddaya got? likes/dislikes. Once Lowes & HD run out of the N95s, the electrics...
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    FS: 30" jointer

    Porter A [heavy pattern] 30" cutting head...5" dia..........straight knives flat belt [pulley] drive - no motor included Babbitt bearing.............journals look to be in good shape Light table rust..........condensation, [no direct rain]........always sheltered 88" tip -to-tip (tables) 2"...
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    WTB a small quantity of Sodium Nitrite.

    Looking for local source close to greensboro / burlington. Prefer to buy off-the-shelf rather than ordering and waiting. I thought I could tell difference between red and white oak. I need to be 100% sure.
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    FS: cedar & oak lumber

    20+ yr air-dried red oak 5/4 x 8.5' x 5" - 10" widths............asking $1.oo BF mix of rift, flat, and quartersawn in each stack 700BF open to selling a whole stack .......or by the board [no min.] ......+ 0.25 extra for quartersawn 15 yr air-dried eastern red cedar 5/4 x 8' x 5" - 12"...
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    rusty blades

    how rusty is too, rusty? I've about a dozen blades that fit my Parks Century BS [that's still looking for a buyer] & I thought I'd include them. The sides that were facing the tires are relatively rust-free. But the outer sides have surface rust. ..but, no deep pitting. The teeth are clean...
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    cutting board finish

    is there any way to get a glossy finish for an end grain cutting board? Now, for cheese/bread boards - that aren't endgrain - any safe, glossy finishes?
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    setting teeth

    Anyone have a favorite DIY jig for setting bandsaw teeth? ...And how to put one together. The ones over on youtube are geared more for portable sawmills.
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    bandsaw HP

    how much HP is too much for a bandsaw? My 30" bandsaw currently has a 3PH 1.5HP motor on it and has been sufficient for most tasks. but doing big cuts or resawing for "veneer" slows the pace down a bit. I have a 10 HP motor, [somewhere's about], and want to know if it would it be safe to use...
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    3PH question

    noob question, here. I've read that electric motors have more torque than a GAS engine of similar HP, so am wondering if something similar exits between electric motors [e.g. 3 phase 1.5HP vs single phase 1.5 HP]? Does the 3PH pull stronger?
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    soldered blades?

    how well do broken bandsaw blades hold up after being soldered back together? Also, is there a particular type of solder best used to give better flex (as blade travels around wheel)?
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    scroll bandsaw

    does anyone manufacture a bandsaw blade that can give the tight curves that a scrollsaw can? I am wanting to get back into making jigsaw puzzles [for xmas gifts] and i find using a scrollsaw to be tedious. Plus, I've never had much luck cutting several layers at a time.
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    FS: 30" Bandsaw

    Needs new rubber tires. Motor = 1.5 HP 3Ph. 11" rise. 28" throat asking.......................................$900. obo last used 3 yrs ago. can help load. "camera's wide angle lens distorts full size image.. Frame is straight and upright.."
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    planer parts

    I've a Vance planer mill #6?, made out of Winston-Salem. It's babbitt bearing with zerks; we've been pumping grease into its bearings for years. So far no problems. We've got it rigged to run off our tractor's PTO. If I ever needed replacement parts, where might I find some.
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    found 16" jointer at auction

    hey all,...and, maybe Kyle....cmboggs... spotted a 16" rockwell RJ-42 jointer out of Indiana on description states condition as: Good coming out of a school, probably been well taken care of. bidding ends in about a day and a half.
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    A different kind of crawl

    Today I had a chance to see a variety shops on the Triad Crawl. Wasn't able to see as many as I would have liked. Got lost one time [completely my own fault - Jeremy did a great job mapping routes out]. The last was interesting; would never have thought of an "upstairs" workshop. You make do...
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    babbitt bearings?

    hopefully this is right forum for this question. Is it really necessary to repour babbitt bearings in a machine that hasn't been used in 20+? yrs? I have a Yates C3a moulder that I'd like to refurbish....or sell [at some point]. Most of the cutting heads won't turn. Is there any way to free...

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