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  1. woodArtz

    Lathe Review 2019-04-16

  2. woodArtz

    Where to buy spindle turning blanks

    Always had great luck with NCWood. Good variety of domestic and exotic.
  3. woodArtz

    Valentine's Vase and flowers

    Nice! Pecan is a hard wood to hollow.
  4. woodArtz

    Lathe and learn!

    Using a sharp bowl gouge with an Irish or Ellsworth grind, you can create a extremely clean finishing cut that requires very little sanding when done. Takes some practice, but safer and cleaner than any other option.
  5. woodArtz

    Coming out of hibernation so to speak

    Good to see hear from you, Scott. I'm a bit of a recluse out here in Texas. Looks like retirement is agreeing with you.
  6. woodArtz

    New Member from Greensboro

    Welcome to the group.
  7. woodArtz

    New member from Durham

    Welcome to the group, Leon. I had to move in the opposite direction. Loved Hillsborough area, but Austin is ok. Your amongst some great talents and the most helpful woodworkers I've ever known... Good luck with your project.
  8. woodArtz

    Another new member.

    Welcome to the group. I wish I was still close by, I'd pop over to compare notes. You have a wealth of knowledge around the area... You're in good hands. :)
  9. woodArtz

    Latest Turning

    Another incredible gem!
  10. woodArtz


    Thanks to all who have contributed over the years!
  11. woodArtz

    My first attempt at turning a bowl and a mushroom

    Great start! Keep 'em spinning. Natural edge can be a challenge, but is soooo cool when it works.
  12. woodArtz

    Woodturned Christmas Ornaments

    Ornaments are a fun little project. I struggled with scale initially. I was making the globe way too big and the spindle too thick. After a few experiments they slimmed down enough to hang on a tree without breaking a branch :) . Here's the link to an instructable I did a while back. Hope it...
  13. woodArtz

    Need to Buy or Make a Lathe Light!

    I've used the Ikea Jansjo light for years now. I have a couple of them and both had switches that failed. Reworded the switch and all good to go. Still cheaper than most options and work very well once the switch is fixed.
  14. woodArtz

    Best Large Cole Jaws

    I have the Nova Cole Jaws, but I think they are relatively small. I haven't used them in years since I switched to the jam chuck method for most large bowls and vases. This method leaves a tiny nib that is sheared away with a chisel when the bowl is removed from the lathe. More versatile and...
  15. woodArtz

    Sanding...Which Drill Etc?

  16. woodArtz

    I may have a new least favorite wood

    I switch to a negative rake on my carbide (Oland) bits. With a good sharp edge the negative rake can chew through the wood and greatly reduce catches on "catchy" wood. But that's jus what works for me...
  17. woodArtz

    SIGN UP NOW, Triad Shop Crawl, APRIL 5

    It's so great to see the tradition of the NCWW Shop Crawl carrying on. Wish I could have been there.
  18. woodArtz

    New Grinder Gloat!

  19. woodArtz

    Midi Lathe

    I've owned both the Jet and the Delta. You can't go wrong with either. The newer Deltas have some nice features, so I lean in that direction right now.
  20. woodArtz

    Latest fountain pen

    I like it. Nice soft edges. Looks comfortable.

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