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  1. Pop Golden

    Pony Express

    I have a guy in Shallotte with a set of lathe tools for sale. Is there somebody out there who could pony express to me in Charlotte? Pop
  2. Pop Golden

    Dust collection on a radial arm saw

    I have an older Delta contractor's RAS. There is a dust spout sticking up on the guard. My experiments tend to show the saw dust exiting the cut and shooting straight back. 1st question: Anyone out there have a delta RAS? 2nd question does the DC spout on the guard work? I planning to build a DC...
  3. Pop Golden

    Intro Thread just a year or two late

    Born Atlanta GA., 1940 (78 year old geezer), Dad in corrugated container business. 17 different schools between 1 & 12, Started driving nails in wood around 6 or 7, Started real woodworking in 7th. grade shop. been at it since (60 + years), 1st. love toy making. Have a fairly complete shop...
  4. Pop Golden

    Lettering Templates

    I bought a set of lettering templates that were pony expressed to Monroe. I have lost the contact's phone & name. Please get up with me. 704-519-6826 Pop
  5. Pop Golden

    Stratus Dust Cleaner

    Hi Folks, I have come across this air cleaner. Looked up their web page, and it looks like something I may buy. Does anyone out there have one or been exposed to one in another shop? If so tell me what you think. Pop
  6. Pop Golden

    Emglo Air Compressor

    I have an Emglo E810 1-1/2Hp. 4Gal. 125PSI twin tank compressor that I have replaced with a larger compressor. I've had it for a few years, but shes still got plenty of pep. Has new air filter, regulator & M-style brass industrial output. The output is 4.0 SCFM @ 90#. Asking $75.00 Send me a PM...
  7. Pop Golden

    New lathe

    Well I finally sent my piece of junk Delta Iron Bed 46-715 lathe out the door for good. Just a little note this old machine was never right from the day I bought it. Crooked main shaft. Replaced multiple times still crooked till the end. NOW! My new lathe is a Nova Saturn DVR lathe. Purchased...
  8. Pop Golden

    What's with the new layout?

    Gosh folks, I thought we had a handle on the site. I come in this AM and there's a new layout. What was wrong with the old one we were use to? I don't really like to grump, but I don't like it. Oh Yea, it's got one of everything and two of somethings but it's so spread out that it takes too much...
  9. Pop Golden


    I have built myself a new workbench. I have one small problem my old workbench has been setting in the middle of my shop for several months. IT"S IN THE WAY! It's sporting a very good Jorgenson 4 X 10 in. vise. After dropping my price several times I'm asking $100 or BO. Would someone please get...
  10. Pop Golden

    Harbor Fright Dust Collector

    I have several woodworkers I know including my son who have a Harbor Fright dust collector. How many of you folks have a HF collector? Any problems? My son has a Dust Deputy in front of his collector. I'm thinking of the same arrangement. He has had good results.
  11. Pop Golden

    new money

    A few months ago someone posted a series of pictures of a carving called "New Money". I would like to get the address to pull those pictures up. Thanks Pop
  12. Pop Golden

    motor rotation question

    Hi folks! Pop needs some help. I bought 3 motors from WT Tool. The price was right. The problem is they only rotate clockwise. I designed a jackshaft to reverse the rotation. This rig saps power. Here is the question: if I rotate these motors 1800 will the shaft rotate counter clockwise...
  13. Pop Golden

    posting photos to gallery

    I've mastered how to post photos on threads, but not on my gallery. How? Also can I set up folders within my gallery? So I can separate different topics? Pop :help:
  14. Pop Golden

    Clamp Storage

    ​I answered a post on clamp storage the other day. The guy on the post asked me to show photos of my systems. Bering a 78 year geezer and having "old what's his name problems" I can't remember if I posted these or not. So here goes: ​My pipe & bar clamps at the ceiling which in my shop is...
  15. Pop Golden

    Neat Stuff I Found

    A couple of neat things I've come across lately. Irwin has new accessories for their "Quick Grip" clamps. I bought 2 of these. They work! Only problem is getting pads off and these on, but after a couple of tries it's easy. This one's interesting. As you all know everyone is coming out with...
  16. Pop Golden


    How do I post to classifieds? Pop
  17. Pop Golden

    36 grit sandpaper

    Folks when going through my sandpaper I found an almost full (50 sheets +- a few sheets) of Klingspor PL36 36 grit sandpaper. I have no idea when or were I came up with this. At the time only God & I knew, now only God knows. If you can use this stuff it's yours for the taking. Send me a...
  18. Pop Golden

    Buying Power Tools

    ​A couple of notes on starting up a shop. A lot of us have complete shops. That means we got 1 of everything 2 of somethings. MOST IMPORTANT! We didn't buy it all at ounce. I have probably $60,000 to $70,000 worth tools. I purchased this equipment over a 50 year period. I buy used machines...
  19. Pop Golden

    California ? ? ?

    Here's a question to ponder. I just received my new Klingspore catalog. When thumbing through the finishing section I started to notice how many items were unavailable in California. I then remembered my other catalogs. Same thing. This brings up a question. How do our wood working brethren who...
  20. Pop Golden

    Not So Great Customer Service

    I've had good luck with Peachtree Woodworking before. This time not so much. Thay have listed in their catalog 2 kinds of plastic bench dogs. one is Kreg, the other is what is listed as low profile. The low profile dogs also have a additional item making them much wider. I ordered a package of...

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