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    New Bass Guitar Build

    hey guys, it's been a while since I've been on here. Been working hard on this new Bass build. Want to throw this out there and show you the finished product. This is a 5 string fretless made from Zebra wood, Padouk, Sapele, Walnut, Maple and Ebony. It's got 6 coats of lacqure buffed to a shine...
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    Latest Bass Build

    Thought some of you may want to see my latest bass build. This one is made from Zebra wood, Padouk, Sapele, Walnut, Maple and Ebony. Steve
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    Can't get to classifieds. Insufficient privileges.
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    Edge Sander?

    Anyone know where I can find a cheap edge sander or if anyone has one could I use?
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    What to thin with?

    Hey guys my dad wants to thin behlen pore-o-pac grain filler. I looked up online and they make a reducer for it, but he's too impatient and needs to do it now! What could he use? I know it's oil based.
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    Custom Bass Guitar Build

    Just want to show you all my first bass guitar I built. I've built other guitars but never a bass. This one was incredibly challenging because the body has a radius to it. Nothing was flat so jigs and templates were very difficult. Please let me know what you think. I'm looking to start doing...
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    Need some help

    Well, I guess it's time I reach out for some help on this one. I'm currently in process of making a bass guitar. It's close to being complete, however I have two routing cavities that still need to be routed out that I may need some help on. The bass is not flat, it has a radius to it. So just...
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    How to slice 45" diameter log?

    I have a 45" oak log sitting in my back yard and would like to slice it to make a table top. Anyone know how I can slice it?
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    How to glue wood @90 angles

    I'm making a sofa table and for the bottom part it will have a shelf about 8" from the floor. I would like to glue up some wood so the patterns are perpendicular to themselves like a "W" pattern. Does anyone have any experience at this?
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    Well, I'm here to introduce myself. My name is Steve Zonce and a coworker Ed Nelson (nelsone) introduced me to this site. I have been working with wood for as long as I can remember. One of the first things I can remember making was a large wooden spoon. I saw a show on PBS where the guy took a...

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