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  1. pcooper

    Beautiful black walnut lumber

    I picked up 4/4 curly soft maple at West Penn in Conover, not sure how much more they have but what I got was wonderfully curly.
  2. pcooper

    Grizzly Equipment - $500 (New Bern)

    Underwater + another 1. That motor pic looks like sawdust and rust, I'd say the motor is locked because of wet sawdust and rust combining into wood concrete.
  3. pcooper

    Worried too much about wasted wood?

    I kept scraps to the point I could hardly walk in my shop. I also found throwing wood out hard to do. I finally said enough already, and started culling stuff that I knew would never really be in any project I'd build. I gave away some larger stuff that I didn't want, and the rest of the pile...
  4. pcooper

    Rate your wood preference

    I work with so many that it's hard to list them, but my favorites are anything figured, curly, crotch figured, and bright colors. I do a lot of exotics and have learned how to work with many that have some strange properties. Like others mentioned, free is one of my most favorites ones.
  5. pcooper

    Two FREE Cabinets - Gone to a good home!!

    That is a plan!!
  6. pcooper

    Two FREE Cabinets - Gone to a good home!!

    I can use 1/2", Thanks!!!!
  7. pcooper

    Two FREE Cabinets - Gone to a good home!!

    If no one wants these, they're going to the dump. I plan on going this weekend, but if you want me to hold them for you I will.
  8. pcooper

    Two FREE Cabinets - Gone to a good home!!

    I have two cabinets, fairly small, but in pretty good shape for someone's shop. I also have a piece of a counter top that has been used with these. I no longer need them and do need to give them to someone that needs a small bit of storage. These are free but you must come pick them up at my...
  9. pcooper

    The death of my first friend, my dad

    So sorry for your loss, I know the feeling that many have during this time as I lost my dad a few years ago and we were very close. Prayers are offered for you and your family.
  10. pcooper

    C'mon...admit it. You need this...

    I want a shop big enough to properly house that thing....
  11. pcooper

    Dust collector bags

    I bought some clear bags from Klingspor some years ago, they held up very well, went through a dozen or more empty cycles before I had any issues. I figured they were pretty cheap considering how long they lasted, but they're not as cheap as trash bags. I never really wanted to risk any trash...
  12. pcooper

    New shop suggestions

    I did a 26 x 42 shop and it isn't big enough, been cleaning out stuff to find the floor. Go as big as you can afford. I also would suggest a wood floor with a crawl space, you can access dust collection and run wiring under there that develops as you figure out where stuff really will go. Plans...
  13. pcooper

    Interesting auction purchase

    I heard a similar story from a spindle factory over in High Point several years ago. I went there to buy some of the stock they were selling off for pennies each (square stock to make spindles with ). I bought a truck load of material for not much money, equipment had already sold and moved...
  14. pcooper

    PICKED UP - FREE WOOD Rough cut wood, I think is Hickory

    You are most welcome, you and James both came out nicely on that deal. You are too kind on the nicely arranged thing, it's total chaos right now, but getting better... I'll take some pictures once it's done and 'clean' so we can save them for a memory someday. You all are more than welcome to...
  15. pcooper

    bandsaw drift (again)

    I've been reading through this and other like threads with interest, my only input to this is this... my experience adds that some wood species tend to lend to wander on one direction or another based (in my observation) on grain direction or tension in the board. I've seen grain that didn't run...
  16. pcooper

    PICKED UP - FREE WOOD Rough cut wood, I think is Hickory

    It's yours for the taking. During the week I'm home after 3 pm, Saturday is a let me know and I'll be sure to be here time.
  17. pcooper

    PICKED UP - FREE WOOD Rough cut wood, I think is Hickory

    I have some wood that will either go to the burn pile or can go to someone that wants to pick this up. I have 8 boards that are 5 1/2" wide, 6+ feet in length, and 5/4 thick or better that I acquired from somewhere, (it's been a while) and I don't want to use it nor store it. This is heavy wood...
  18. pcooper

    For Sale: Delta slow speed reversible bench sharpening grinder

    All I have is shown in pictures, when I bought this I wasn't aware of any different grinding wheels for it, so not sure if there are or not. I figured it would be good for sharpening my chisels, and it did ok, but I don't use chisels as often as some do, and I've leaned toward other methods...
  19. pcooper

    For Sale: Delta slow speed reversible bench sharpening grinder

    I have this Delta sharpener that I ran across while cleaning, haven't used it lately, haven't needed it, and it needs a good home where it will be enjoyed for what it is. It works fine, I'm not real sure how old it is, but I know it's only been lightly used. It has a place for water to sit in a...
  20. pcooper

    Sold - Router Inlay kit

    Sounds like a plan,

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