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  1. Mt. Gomer

    2 more WIP

    Jeff, That's just stunning work! Bravo! TRavis
  2. Mt. Gomer

    My apology to the folks who voted me onto the BoD

    Cathy, Sorry I'm late to the thread as I just don't have the time to be here as much as I'd like. I do want to thank you for your service and wish you the best of luck with whatever is going on. Again, thanks so much, Travis
  3. Mt. Gomer

    2 more WIP

    Those are just beautiful, Jeff! Excellent work!!
  4. Mt. Gomer

    My Resignation from the staff

    Tracy, As has been said, family/work comes first! Thank you for your wonderful service to the group and best of luck with the challenges you're facing! Travis
  5. Mt. Gomer

    Welcome our new Admins

  6. Mt. Gomer

    i'm a grandpa !

    Congrats, brother! Excellent news!!
  7. Mt. Gomer

    My Job is being eliminated

    Oh man, very sorry to hear this Doug! I'll be praying for you!
  8. Mt. Gomer

    final dining table pictures

  9. Mt. Gomer

    Small or collapsable router table.

    Saw this in the last Woodworker's Journal eZine. It would probably hang nicely on a trailer wall...
  10. Mt. Gomer

    Gloat and a little "how to" (final photo added)

    Re: Gloat and a little "how to" (post in progress) Excellent work, Bobby!
  11. Mt. Gomer


    That's beautiful!
  12. Mt. Gomer

    Latest HF.... Hollow Form Turning

    Re: Latest HF Wow, that is gorgeous!
  13. Mt. Gomer

    "What's New?" Not working....

    FYI: I found "What's New" to be broken again when I first attempted it his morning. I remembered what Ethan discovered about the plugin and went to my settings and selected all content. It's now working again but I thought I'd let you know in case other users have issues. Travis
  14. Mt. Gomer

    "What's New?" Not working....

    WhooHoo! Thanks Ethan, that was some excellent detective work! I know how hard tracking down a non-repeatable issue is. For the record, the first thing I did this morning was click on "What's New" and I was delighted to find a whole list of threads for me to read. Also, I did recently go...
  15. Mt. Gomer

    "What's New?" Not working....

    Nope, I use the "what's new" button that's in the menu bar. It consistently happens regardless of session or computer (over several days both on my home and work computers). I usually use chrome but I just tried it in IE and had the same behavior. does that help?
  16. Mt. Gomer

    "What's New?" Not working....

    Hey Folks! I've been in the habit of using the "What's New" button to see new activity since the last time I was logged in. The last several times I've tried to use it it said "Sorry, there is no new content to view. You may search for content posted during the previous 24 hours, here". Any...
  17. Mt. Gomer

    Two Free Turning Plans/Tutorials

    Hey Folks, These free plans were included with the Woodworker's Journal eZine this month. Enjoy! Turning Lidded Boxes Lathe Steady Rest
  18. Mt. Gomer

    Completed this jewelry box yesterday

    That is gorgeous!!!
  19. Mt. Gomer

    Happy Birthday TracyP!

    Happy Birthday, Old Friend!!! Here's hoping for many, many more to come!
  20. Mt. Gomer

    Surge Protection

    I've never thought about this issue. Seems obvious now that you mention it. How do you test to see if your ground is adequate? Based on your description and the "soil" (basically solid clay) around my house I'm guessing mine isn't.... Thanks, Travis

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