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    Help with air drying holly

    Recently I’ve acquired a large(ish) holly stump that I’d like to use for turning, carving, inlays, etc. Attached is a photo of the gnarly beast. I know very little about air drying wood, other then you put it in a corner of your shop and forget about it until you trip over it looking for...
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    Black Friday Deals

    Looks like there are a lot of ‘sales’ going on. Thought I’d try and make a thread that everyone could post to. This way it’s all in one place.
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    Hand Tool Wall Cabinet - Humidity Regulation

    Since there seems to be an abundance of hand tool wall cabinets being made these days, what do people use for humidity regulation and/or rust prevention? I know the best thing is to do it to keep the tools clean and dry. But I've seen a few gadgets that are meant to maintain a low humidity...
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    Wanted: 8in. Jointer

    Before I take the plunge and make an offer on a 6in. jointer, I thought I would see if anyone has an eight inch jointer up for grabs. I’m pretty flexible on price and condition. Just like to know what is available. Thanks!
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    Delta Miter Saw, Delta Drill Press, and Air Compressor

    My neighbor has had a few serious health issue come up lately and is no longer able to spend time in his shop. He has asked me to help sell off some of the tools that he no longer uses. The tools are located in Durham. Here is a brief list of what is available: Delta 12in Miter Saw, Model...
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    Favorite YouTube Woodworker?

    Since there has been a few post including YouTube channels, I thought I would see if there any out there that people might not be aware of. A few of my favorites (woodworking only) are: Stumpy Nubs Young Je RenaissanceWW Pask Makes I'm sure there are a few that I'm missing. But this is just...
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    MWTCA Area Q Meeting: Who's Going?

    Thought I would check and see if anyone else is going? Looks like a great line up. This will also be my first meeting, so I have no clue what to expect. I like that pre-registration is required, because knowing me I'd spend all my money on tools and not have any leftover to buy lunch. :)...
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    9" band saw and/or 10" table saw for sale

    I wanted to post these here first before I put them on Craigslist. One is a like new 9" Ryobi Band Saw for $95. It has pretty much no use since I got it and works perfect. The other is a 10" Craftsman table saw with accessories and mobile base for $165. I've used this to brake down larger...

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