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    Hollow Form?

    I have always heard two things on how to turn a bowl correctly. #1 leave no signs of how you attached it to the lathe. #2 Finish the inside just as good as the outside. How do you sand and finish a hollow form where you cant get to it? Thanks, Jeff
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    Black Walnut

    My dad gave me some black walnut that was cut probably 30 years ago. It is blocks and half rounds 10"-15" wide and about 2-3 foot in length. The ends were never sealed. I have been working on milling it to 1" boards so I can use it. My ? is, do I need to stack and sticker it or or do you...
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    Grizzly chucks

    Has anyone used the Grizzly chucks? If so are they any good? Thanks, Jeff
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    Bottle stoppers?

    I have made a few bottle stoppers for gifts. With the thank you's I usually hear you should sell them. For those of you that make and sell bottle stoppers, how much do you sell them for? Is there a rule of thumb to figure out what the asking price should be. Jeff
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    First Stoppers

    I finally got around to turning my first bottle stoppers from the group buy. I used some scrap Corian, glued 2 blanks up with 2 part epoxy. The first one turned just fine. Rough sanded and then finished with micro mesh. While I was turning the second one I had a ketch and it blew apart at...
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    Black Walnut Not mine, just posting. Could be a really good deal for someone. Jeff
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    sealing turning blocks

    My son in law has some Pecan that he is cutting up for firewood. Some of the pieces are big enough I figured I could get some turning blanks out of it. After I saw it into blocks Do I seal it on all sides or just the end grain? And what product is best for sealing? Thanks, Jeff
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    When Things Go Bad!

    WE all have, well, I have times when nothing goes right in the shop! Do you keep beating your head against the wall? :BangHead: or do you walk away from the shop for a while? Jeff
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    Rolling Pin

    I made my daughters rolling pins for x-mas. Well they were for x-mas but after many starts a stops I finally got them finished. I hate when a seemingly simple job becomes not so simple! Here is a pic of one of them. Maple roller with Purple Heart handles and oak stand. Jeff
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    Has anyone used? Jeff
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    Grizzly chucks

    What is everyone's opinion of the 3 and 4 jaw chucks from Grizzly. Looking at the 1"x8 self centering type. I would love to buy a better chuck but cash is tight. Thanks in advance, Jeff
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    Fill Holes or Not?

    What does everyone do with small holes in a bowl/box that was turned from a burl? Do you leave it? Fill it with epoxy? Or is each turning different so there is no right or wrong? Thanks. Jeff
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    Earl, Where did you find the 1"x8" nuts? Thanks, Jeff
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    What do you have mounted to your HF lathe above the speed control? Thanks, Jeff
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    Birthday Present!

    I made this for my mother in law for her birthday. It did not turn out Great but not terrible either! Cherry Burl,with Walnut top and Purple Heart finial. The pics sure do not do it justice. Jeff
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    Walnut, Raliegh CL

    Not sure if it is still available. Not sure what the going price on walnut is, but it looks like a good deal. Jeff
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    Are there monthly magazines that are strictly for wood turners? Thanks Jeff
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    wood rolling pins?

    Hi everyone, Not sure if this is where I should post this ? But lets give it a try. I found a woodworking article on line on making a wood rolling pins. I thought I had bookmarked it. but apparently I did not. I remember the process, but it sure would be nice to have the article to refer...
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    Hi everyone

    Hi, I'm knew to the site. I was a auto tech for 20 years, but now I'm disabled. I have been doing woodworking on and off for years. My interest seems to be leaning toward turning at this time. I love the segmented bowls. Looking forward to seeing everyone's work! Jeff

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