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    Segmented Turning Workshops - "UPDATE"

    I also would like to Thank Charlie for having the class yesterday. It was a very informative class and he was a Great host! He made everyone feel more than welcome! If anyone ever gets the chance to visit Charlies shop, jump on it! it is a real treat. Showroom Quality! A place for...
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    Segmented Turning Workshops

    The 7th is the only one I can not make. The rest should be fine. Jeff
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    Segmented Turning Workshop

    Charlie, I would also be interested. Jeff
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    Where is Cap'n Eddie Castelin?

    Sorry to see this! I have been watching his videos this week. Hope he gets back to normal! At least his normal. Jeff
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    Gloves when turning?

    I have used welding gloves before on roughing out pieces. Like Mike I usually only where them on my left hand. Jeff
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    Red Breasted Merganser Hen

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    and DUST!
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    Hollow Form?

    Thanks for the replies. Gives me something to work with. Never would have thought of the glass idea. Jeff
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    Hollow Form?

    I have always heard two things on how to turn a bowl correctly. #1 leave no signs of how you attached it to the lathe. #2 Finish the inside just as good as the outside. How do you sand and finish a hollow form where you cant get to it? Thanks, Jeff
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    Black Walnut

    Thanks for the input everyone! It has a lot of cracks in it, but I hope to get a few bowl blanks also. Jeff
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    Black Walnut

    My dad gave me some black walnut that was cut probably 30 years ago. It is blocks and half rounds 10"-15" wide and about 2-3 foot in length. The ends were never sealed. I have been working on milling it to 1" boards so I can use it. My ? is, do I need to stack and sticker it or or do you...
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    Grizzly chucks

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I guess I will save my penny's for the better chucks. Jeff
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    Grizzly chucks

    Has anyone used the Grizzly chucks? If so are they any good? Thanks, Jeff
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    Bottle stoppers?

    What stoppers are you using? Ruth Niles stoppers or cheaper ones? Thanks, Jeff
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    Bottle stoppers?

    I have made a few bottle stoppers for gifts. With the thank you's I usually hear you should sell them. For those of you that make and sell bottle stoppers, how much do you sell them for? Is there a rule of thumb to figure out what the asking price should be. Jeff
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    space box?

    Very Nice!
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    A couple more Stoppers

    Very Nice!
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    First Stoppers

    Ruth, I would be honored if you would. Feel free to use the pics. Thanks, Jeff
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    First Stoppers

    Thanks for the kind words. I did not wet sand with Micro Mesh. I may try that next time. I have only turned Corian a few times,but I'm really impressed with how it buffs up and holds a shine. Yes the dust does suck! Jeff
  20. Rolling pin

    Rolling pin

    Maple roller, Purple Heart handles and Oak stand

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