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    Entry Level Wood Lathe

    I have a HD Rockwell, old school, in great shape asking $650.
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    Looking for a Small Tabletop Drill Press

    I have an old school Craftsman bench top drill press that I would like to sell. This is a heavy cast iron model from maybe the 40's or 50's. I just have too many presses. This drill is missing the step pulley on the motor and has a single groove pulley there. It works flawlessly, just 4 speeds...
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    Sticker Stain in Oak

    try some Clorox and water 50-50 mix.
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    Powermatic belt/disc sander for sale

    I cannot seem to locate your reply message. You can call me or text me at 803-804-1887. Thanks, Jeff.
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    Powermatic belt/disc sander for sale

    I have a Powermatic 33 that is in great shape that I would like to sell. $650-old school iron that is running in my shop now. 803-804-1887, Jeff.
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    Opinions please, kitchen design

    Roy's Wood Products in Lugoff, SC. I believe they deliver but I'm not certain how far they'll go. They have good quality at reasonable prices.
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    30" wide planer or widebelt sander use needed.

    Once you have the router sled guide rails in place, which will take some time, the surfacing would not take much time imho.
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    Steel building

    I constructed my building in 1988. It's 30' x 50' with 12' tall side walls and has served me well. I bought the building kit, it's a Mesco brand, for Sam Adams of Ace Construction Co. out of Florence, SC. I realize they are in SC but they do, or did a lot of business in NC and other states. My...
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    Sawstop - stil stopped

    I've always heard that you shouldn't buy a car that was assembled on a Monday or a Friday, maybe that goes for Saw Stop tablesaws also, LOL. :-)
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    Sawstop - stil stopped

    I wonder what is different about the saws in your s#batch than other "batches"?
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    Sawstop - stil stopped

    What happens if you do not "pull the paddle out crisply"?
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    Sawstop - stil stopped

    I can remember buying a Honda 4-wheeler many years ago from what was then Honda of Rockingham, a couple of days later the trans shifter stopped working for some reason and I took it back to the dealer. They tried to shift it into gear and when it did not work they just gave me another brand new...
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    Woodworking here has ceased

    Mr. tdukes, May I ask whom do you use for your sharpening needs? Thank you, cfield60
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    Grizzly Delivery

    UPS is just soooo busy now with Christmas packages they are recruiting help from USPS. You may also notice they are using Penske trucks also in certain locations but just during this time of year.
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    Comment by 'cfield60' in media 'Florida House'

    Looks like BIG bass territory! I envy you WoodWrangler. Looks like you have a work shop waiting also.
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    Miter Gauge

    As long as the bar will fit into the slot of the miterset you can achieve the correct chosen angle, even if there is slop in the fit. The procedure requires that you maintain contact along either side of the slot and not have the bar crooked in the slot. I use this often and my Powermatic miter...
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    Miter Gauge

    This is absolutely correct. You can achieve the desired setting perfectly using the Miterset with your eyes closed and the Miterset will work with any miter guage that you may have! :p
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    Retrofitting A Shelix Planer Head

    I had a similar problem once. It was the fan shroud on the motor causing the noise. It too would come and go.
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    delete duplicate ads

    I seemed to have created duplicate ads for my festool saw. I also cannot get the sale price to show on the main ad. Thanks for the assistance.
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    Jointer tables need resurfacing

    I did not think of that. Thank you for the suggestion.

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