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  1. mac martin

    Raleigh KD Lumber run #4

    Re: Raleigh KD Lumber run #4 (updated with pricing) Looking For Some Tight Grain,clear, Dry Spruce - Any Suggestions?
  2. mac martin

    Post and beam workshop

    Bruce Thanks for the info - would greatly appreciate a copy - send to Mac
  3. mac martin

    Post and beam workshop

    Anyone know where i can get plans for a 12 x 16 p&b shop plan . I have the wood available - plan on using insulation\osb wall panels. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Mac:-)
  4. mac martin

    DULCIMER - Plans

    Have the wood - have the tools = need the plans. Anyone have plans or directions to where i can get plans and directions for the teardrop and the appalachian dulcimers. Have some wood I could exchange for same. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Mac;-)
  5. mac martin

    Harbor Freight Lathe

    I have one - got it about 2 years ago - with stand\legs, for 129$ - made a tray to go undet it and usuallybadd a "bunch of weight- sand bags, concrete block, old railroad rail, :lol: etc. to get it "rock" solid. Works for me. Might consider geting a better one when I get better at turning...
  6. mac martin

    What Do You See?

    A kid's nursery rhyme - remember "Goosey, goosey, gander":lol::lol::lol:
  7. mac martin

    Boat building

    I agree with Rob. I grew up around a "ole boat shop" in central florida. where they used cypress. muatly the old fashion 12-16 ft. flat bottom fishing kind. The sides usually were single plank of the 16-20 in. width and full length. made springing the sides much smoothier. A trick for the...
  8. mac martin

    Hand-made Marking Guage

    M - Have a few "store-bought" and don't know what I did before. Makes woodworking a whole lot more fun. Great job on yours. ( Did the article mention anything about sharpening the pins? I have read and have shaped my with a flat side on the tapered scribe points. (Cuts a cleaner line, less...
  9. mac martin

    Bedside table project - completed!

    Re: Bedside table project - more progress Taper depend - knocking it down a little more would give it that "dainty" slimmer look, if that is what you want , otherwise I think the tables are going great just as they arew.
  10. mac martin

    Bedside table project - completed!

    Re: Bedside table project - first GOOF! OOPS- now you let everyone know why we keep scraps. Wife thinks I never make mistakes and they are only for the fireplace.
  11. mac martin

    Bedside table project - completed!

    Re: Bedside table project - construction finished I have been using "hand-shetching-on-a-old-yellow-pad" "handware" and AutoCAD for a while now. More information on your saftware package ?"sketchup"? , please. You might want to check out the end table I have in my gallery. Very similar to the...
  12. mac martin

    Sears Saw Radial, w/leg Set 22010

    A little while back, after we moved here to Murphy, friend gave me a RAS - the digital readout version, he got it from a client, dodn't need it, but needed the "space" Was glad to help him "get his workspace back". Needs a new battery, some greasing (TLC) and a new top, but otherwise - a great...
  13. mac martin

    Cutting Board

    great looking board. If you do much of that bending - might suggest you check out mike dunbar ( the windsor chair guy) site, i believe he has a great little steamer that could cut down on bending time. I it's a easy do-it-yourself steamer.
  14. mac martin

    Sears Saw Radial, w/leg Set 22010

    Hey guys - you got it all wrong. First you rip against the rotation, catipults are for launching missiles, and Second - Always tie a project for the wiffie with a new tool, That way no windows, or necks get broken, AND you keep on getting nwebies.:lol:
  15. mac martin

    Dovetail jigs

    I would probably First, answer the question - How often, how many, how wide, and how fast you are going to need those dovetails. I have used two Sears brand, and the Leigh, and cut my own manually. For production work, down and dirty, fast- go with the Leigh (longer initial setup time - high...
  16. Scroll Plaque

    Scroll Plaque

    Birch plywood, light cherry stain. Mahogany Base
  17. Lighthouse


    A "Scroll saw" practice piect 6" X8" in teak Wax finish
  18. Scroll saw Sconce

    Scroll saw Sconce

    "Arts and Crafty" type Sconce Birch Plywood Poly Finish (qiuck and easy prokect)
  19. Fern Table

    Fern Table

    Octaginal mahogany top. Base Oak Legs are ash (square at base, octgagl. to bottom) Mahogany stail and poly/wax finish
  20. Some Small Projects

    Some Small Projects

    Dry Sink Birch Plywood case White pine Face, Drawer fronts, and Paneled Doors. Sink lined with ceramic tile, some with figures, mostly plain antique white. Outside finish is homemade "antique pine" stain, and poly finish(satin)

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