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  1. drchristian

    Delivery of 20”planer

    Got a new Grizzly 20” planer on the way. I live on a dead end street and tractor trailer will not deliver here. I have in the past rented a drop bed trailer and picked up at the truck terminal but un-loading is not easy by myself at 72 years old. I called a moving company but they won’t touch...
  2. drchristian

    Breadboard tabletop mortice lenth

    Building dinning table from white oak with 3/4 top with breadboard ends. The breadboard is 4” wide. I was thinking of going with a 2” mortice and tenon and a 5/16 tenon. I am thinking of doing a full width mortice, no haunch to help keep the end from breaking if leaned on. Am I thinking right? I...
  3. drchristian

    Domino Joint verses Mortice and Tenon

    Got a Festool domino jointer. When do you use a domino verses a tradition mortice and tenon. I have used mortice and tenon for years. What is your opinion of the strength and advantages of each type joint?
  4. drchristian

    Sticker Stain in Oak

    Bought some Oak from a local sawyer that air dried it and after jointing one side it appears the drying sticks have deeply stained the oak see photos. I have not experienced this before, will it plane out or is just going to add to the character of the dining room table? May Be some bleach and...
  5. drchristian

    Heating workshop

    With winter coming on and as I am older and don’t like to be cold and just throwing out a large bag of sawdust. I was wondering if anyone had tried heating their shop with a sawdust stove? Not a lot on the Internet about a sawdust stove. I have in the fast used one of the kerosene jet heaters...
  6. drchristian

    Grizzly G0609X and Harbor Freight Dust Extractor

    I have a Grizzly 12 In Jointer that clogs up and starts slinging shavings out on the table. I have a Harbor Freight dust extractor that is probably not powerful enough. Are there any tricks to getting better extraction so I don’t have to stop and clean out the dust extraction port? I just don’t...
  7. drchristian

    Damn 16/4 Red Oak

    I think this will have to go back, I can’t use it, to make bed post.
  8. drchristian

    Oak Bed Frame

    Getting ready to Build a Queen size Red Oak bed frame for my Daughter-in Law. She wants the bedpost to be 4"x 3". In checking with Hardwood Lumber store, they only have 12/4 in Red Oak listed. I have to build up the post anyway. Being that I have never done a Oak Bed Post that big before, I am...
  9. drchristian

    Dry spots in Finish

    For the world of me I can’t figure out where sheesh splotches are coming from. Finished wit Minwax penetrating stain and Minwax wipe on poly. Sanded with 600 before applying stain and using aqua coat grain filler. It is only on one shelf on one table. Any thoughts?
  10. drchristian

    What to make?

    This may seem like a dumb question but I’ll ask it anyway. In order to keep up my skill I ned to build Furniture. The question is what can I build that people will buy? I am not wanting to make a fortune just break even to support my love of building. I would just ike to break even on a piece or...
  11. drchristian

    Supermax 2550

    Trying to find a Supermax 2550 drum sander. Seems no one has them in stock. Talked to Kingspore in Hickory Sat. Anyoneknow ofanother dealer that may have them. Everyone on line seems to be out too.
  12. drchristian

    Looking for a new Joiner to build Dinning Room Table

    I am building a dining room table out of red oak and I need to upgrade my jointer. I was looking at an 8" helical head Powermatic and the W1744S SHOP FOX® 12 inch Jointer With Spiral Cutterhead. they are both around the same price. I like the idea of 12" verses 8" both are around the same price...
  13. drchristian

    Glue up Raised Panel Doors

    When gluing up a raised panel door, is there a secret to getting good glue coverage on joints with out getting squeeze out on the panel corners. Also, I noticed after I took the clamps off, I had a little gap on the rail and stile joint on the back. I guess I may not have had the door perfectly...
  14. drchristian

    Woodworkers Guild of America

    Looking at Woodworkers Guild membership. There appears to be some good woodworking videos. The price seems reasonable $35 a year or $80 a year. Anyone else a member and is it worth the price?
  15. drchristian

    Grizley 8" Jointer

    Looking at G0656XW-8" Jointer with Spiral Cutterhead. It's price is hard to ignore compared to Powermatic or Foxcraft. Anyone have this jointer and would you buy it again? I like the idea of using local merchant because of the support and am hesitant about buying sute un-seen. Your opinions please.
  16. drchristian

    Tired of big box store junk Lumber

    I am tired of buying the twisted bowed crap at Lowes and Home Depot. No matter how carefully I try to buy straight stuff, once I get it home and it sits in the shop a few days it is a mess. Of course it is already dimensioned so I don't have a lot to work with. I have a Dewault planer and a 6"...
  17. drchristian

    Back Saw Sharpening in Kannapolis- Concord

    Anyone know of a good handsaw sharpening service in Concord Area? I have a Freud back saw and dovetail saw that needs sharpening.
  18. drchristian

    Dust mask for prescription glasses

    Apparently I have developed allergies to wood dust. I was sanding with a hand belt sander a yesterday, now runny nose and coughing. I wear glasses and the dust mask I had was fogging up my glasses so I took it off. It was one of the easy breath ones from Lowes. Anyone have suggestions for one...
  19. drchristian

    newbee jointer issue

    I have a 6"jointer and I am trying to edge joint a board to glue up a table top. I have outfeed table even with blades. I have infeed set for 1/8. The board is 72" long. If I lay a straight edge on board I can see a slight, maybe 1/16 gap in the middle. Jointing is not taking it out. I feel...
  20. drchristian

    Rustic Pine Tabletop

    I just got back into woodworking after a 10 year recess to restore a old car. My first project is a rustic pine kitchen table my daughter in law picked out. The one she showed me has a top made from 3 2x6 boards. It seems to me if you spill something it would run betweenthe boards and be...

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