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    I am just now catching up on this offer. How much for a full sheet, 4'x8'x3/4", and would it be suitable for a CNC work surface? If so, where do I have to go to pick up the sheet?
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    Corian Cutoffs

    Does anyone have a source for inexpensive Corian cutoffs? I would like to try carving the material on my CNC machine. Thanks in advance, Rob
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    ISO CNC Owners

    I am also in Eden and would be glad to help out.
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    Free to good home: Grizzly Overarm Dust Guard

    Please keep me in mind if beloitdavisja doesn't pick it up. Thanks, Rob
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    New CNC

    I would be glad to help out once I get set up. I am located about 35 minutes north of Greensboro. Do me a favor and see if you can locate an online file with all of the specifics about the table top.
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    MDF Core Plywood

    Does anyone have a good source in north-central NC for 1/2" and 3/4" MDF core plywood? I heard it cuts well on the CNC and would like to give it a try. Thanks
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    New CNC

    Are you done with CNC or are you still looking st s fully welded unit?
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    New CNC

    What machine do you have?
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    New to the forum, new to me bandsaw thanks to RoyG

    It looks like RoyG takes good care of his tools. Hope you enjoy the new purchase.
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    INCRA Router Table Cabinet

    I finally made it back into the shop. I set up my INCRA Ultra and retrained myself on the fine art of dovetail joints. I had a good dovetail joint in about 20 minutes. I then planed some wood, cut the drawer pieces, and slowly got busy. They are my first attempts at dovetails in over 13 years...
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    Hammer K3 Sliding Table Saw

    I ordered the 79".
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    Hammer K3 Sliding Table Saw

    Does anyone own a Hammer K3 sliding table saw? If you do, what do you think of it? Is it difficult to set up? Is it accurate and does it retain its accuracy?
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    INCRA Router Table Cabinet

    It is getting closer to completion. Funny how I have to finish it to a certain extent so I can make the dovetail drawers. I outfitted it with a Ready-2-Route lift and fence. I also installed an INCRA Cleansweep. The 4"hose and bottom of the enclosure makes for a tight fit. If I were to do it...
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    INCRA Router Table Cabinet

    I believe it was designed that way so the Y-connector was concealed within the cabinet, behind a 10" drawer. I wish I hadn't followed the directions exactly because I would have put the small port in the back more toward the center. There was also one design flaw I found that dealt with the...
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    INCRA Router Table Cabinet

    I bought an INCRA router top and stand last year when I got back into woodworking. I recently decided to built a cabinet for it using INCRA’s free plans located here: The project is moving along and should be done this weekend . ...
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    New CNC

    I almost signed up for the Aspire camp but couldn't bring myself to do it . . . especially with all the money I just laid out for the equipment. I figured I would start small with Legacy's training projects.
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    New CNC

    I looked at Shopbot because they are in our backyard. I liked them but I really wanted a fully welded machine for rigidity and a true turning center--not an add on. I heard that two years ago when they held the Aspire camp in GA, one day was pretty much dedicated to turnings on a Shopbot. I also...
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    New CNC

    I just ordered the Legacy Maverick 3x5 CNC and should have it in a couple weeks. I purchased Aspire for my project designs and have been completing their online tutorials. The program is outstanding and I'm learning something new every day. I was thinking about offering CNC services to forum...
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    First CNC Machine

    I just ordered the Grunblau Platform CNC and now I wait! Does anyone have any experience with the Platform ( )? Also, is Aspire a good 2D/3D program (worth the price) or should I look at something else? Thanks, Rob

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