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  1. danmart77

    Lovingly Remembered

    Phil I am so sorry to hear the sad news. Like many others have said- I admired your devotion to her all these years. I hope you get thru this as painlessly as you can.
  2. danmart77

    My recent project

    Have not seen a sole repaired with a steel plate. Unique.
  3. danmart77

    Attaching leather to wood.

    Not sure about that Wiley. Animal glues were used for a very long time. One exception on the animal protein glue above all the glues you site: you can repair it with a little heat for a long time. Additionally, you can put a little new glue on the area and heat it and it will reactivate the...
  4. danmart77

    Tool of the past or is a radial arm saw awesome?

    I have an old Craftsman RAS. I do not use it for a number of reasons but for someone who might want to put it in their shop its available in Durham. First come first owner.
  5. danmart77


    Well you don't need to run off and get an expensive jig to cut tenons. You can do it by hand or with your tablesaw or bandsaw. Without knowing what toys you have in the shop at this point, I'll explain how I do the tenon part of this joint with the bandsaw/tablesaw when I am cutting lots of...
  6. danmart77

    Attaching leather to wood.

    I have done several leather to wood using hide glue of lower gram strength repairs in the past. I would not use the liquid hide glue from any of the commercial sources as it is the wrong gram strength and it is too brittle for this type of work. You need to contact Eugene Thordahl at Bjorn...
  7. danmart77

    Yankee Ingenuity tooling

    Yankee ingenuity is a stereotype of inventiveness, technical solutions to practical problems, "know-how," self-reliance and individual enterprise associated with the Yankees I am a member of this site in Maine and...
  8. danmart77

    Thoughts from an older boatbuilder video

    I had one that was powered by a 10 speed bicycle for years. I could switch it over to my bicycle driven lathe at the time. Still have a couple chairs made in 1979 from the lathe
  9. danmart77

    Finish on Poplar

    I recently finished this table for my house. Though it is not poplar(red maple) it is finished with varnish over a super blonde shellac mix. It might darken a little but I have maple surfaces sealed top and bottom from 20 years back that are close to this if that's what you want. I might add...
  10. danmart77

    Thoughts from an older boatbuilder video As I begin to get closer to 70 than 65 this message does touch a nerve. Take a look at this group. Even if you are not a boat enthusiast, this first short video is full of interesting tools and methods of working wood. I love...
  11. danmart77

    White Oak crotch chunks with crotch figure

    All spoken for as of 5 Nov.
  12. danmart77

    White Oak crotch chunks with crotch figure

    I just cut open the fork in a white oak tree and found this interesting oak crotch. Send me a conversation or pm if you are interested in getting one or all. Durham NC Dan
  13. danmart77

    Table done with modifications

    Bob I mix up my own solution for the water based varnish that I use. As soon as I get it to flow out like I want, I will share my mixing measures. Water based is easier to apply, dries faster, but when all is said and done I don't get the results with it that I get with solvent based varnish...
  14. danmart77

    Table done with modifications

    Well Stuart this is the best I can do at this point. Hope it answers your questions. Here are the vertical posts. The cuts are made in each of the 4 pieces for the center stretcher. In between the posts in the photo is the bottom foot revealing the cuts to be fitted to the bridal joint at the...
  15. danmart77

    Table done with modifications Well if you go back to September you will see the hole I fell into while building the top for this table. My first thoughts were an all walnut table. Not to be. Had some issues with the stock and I...
  16. danmart77

    Hickory just out of the kiln

    Where are you in Durham?
  17. danmart77

    Heat resistant finish for rifle stocks

    Over the years I have built a bunch of blackpowder rifles. Some of the soon to be owners of the rifles wanted the barrel channel to be "sealed" for better protection. I won't go on with too much here but you don't need it and whats more if you put too much on the area around the barrel seat...
  18. danmart77

    Brushing Lacquer... do you have a favorite brush?

    I have used the brush at the address below for about a year. I have one for lacquer and one for shellac. I like to use the #6 domed heads. For use with lacquer I like to thin it out so it flows better like Fred mentioned. To use a brush with the shellac and lacquer you don't have to clean the...
  19. danmart77

    Need to protect an outdoor project and cannot use poly

    That's the one to use for my outdoor stuff. Its a slow varnish and I can say from experience it outlast most of the others I have used. Nothing last forever.

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