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  1. Jim M.

    Beginning woodworker in Raleigh

    Welcome to the forum, Dustin, feel free to ask questions, start discussions and share your projects.
  2. Jim M.

    Update - How do I do this?

    Wow Neal! Fantastic job, it looks beautiful.
  3. Jim M.

    New member from Oriental area

    Welcome Larry, it's a fun bunch around here.
  4. Jim M.

    Not a Saw Stop

    Sorry to hear, but at least it wasn't any worse than it was. Heal fast my friend.
  5. Jim M.

    Virtual Picnic - May16 4PM Sign up here

    Wow! what terrific idea, sign me up.
  6. Jim M.

    SawStop injury

    Sorry to hear Jim, just glad it wasn't worse.
  7. Jim M.

    Happy birthday FredP

    Happy Birthday Fred!
  8. Jim M.

    mystery accessory ?

    I think Jim is right!
  9. Jim M.

    mystery accessory ?

    Its definitely for making a fine adjustment on some tool owned by a woodworker who lived by the mantra " looks good enough for government work!!!"
  10. Jim M.

    Since 2013

    Thanks for sharing your info Robert.
  11. Jim M.

    New member from WNC

    Welcome Ed, it's a great bunch here.
  12. Jim M.

    Craft Area Completed!

    Incredible build Donn!
  13. Jim M.

    The age of solid colors

    I was watching an episode of Hawaii Life on HGTV, a show where potential buyers look for homes on different islands. These two sister walked into this home with beautiful, natural Koa and said "Oh we could paint all this wood white to brighten up the place". Sad
  14. Jim M.

    New Tool Gloat

  15. Jim M.

    Bird feeder design needed

    How about this one.
  16. Jim M.

    David Smith (Boardsmith)

    From the BoardSMITH website: David Smith founded the BoardSMITH in 2005. A lifelong craftsman, he built his first butcher block in 1993 and refined the design and techniques over the years. As a result, the BoardSMITH has earned a reputation for creating one of the finest butcher blocks in the...
  17. Jim M.


    Impressive work!
  18. Jim M.

    New from Charlotte

    Welcome to the forum, it's a good bunch here.
  19. Jim M.

    Design and verify

    Scale, color, material and location... scrap everything.
  20. Jim M.

    Happy Birthday Graywolf

    Happy Birthday Richard!

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