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  1. cskipper

    New layered pieces

  2. cskipper

    It's here!! Updated

    It's here!! My new Pegas scroll saw!!
  3. cskipper

    Christmas ornament questions

    Do you folks make ornaments to sell? If so, what woods do you use? What thickness? Do you use any finish on them? If so, what kind? If you do make them to sell, where do you sell them?
  4. cskipper

    How do I find first unread post?

    Is there a way for go to the first unread thread within a post?
  5. cskipper

    Wood suppliers in NC

    Is there a list of NC wood suppliers anywhere?
  6. cskipper

    New resources - blank screens

    I discovered the new resources heading and went to explore. No matter which I pull up I only get to basically a blank screen. I see some description if provided, and a place to even click on files on the right, but all result in a blank general screen. What am I doing wrong?
  7. cskipper

    Thank you for the Mid Winter Blahs Picnic!

    I had a delightful time at the Mid Winter Blahs Picnic today! Thanks to the folks who planned and coordinated this event! Also wanted to thank those who contributed door prizes.
  8. cskipper

    Where can i find 1/8" hardwood plywood?

    I've been working with 1/8" plywood lately and wondered if there is a supplier of 1/8" that's not Baltic Birch of Finnisih. Any suggestions?
  9. cskipper


    . Four copies of the pattern by Gabriel Schama. LOML made the frame which barely catches all four pieces, which float freely. The top of the frame can be removed if the owner wishes to display the individual pieces separately. And yes, one of the four was glued up in the wrong orientation - oops.
  10. cskipper

    Member search by city and/or county?

    It seems like there used to be a way to search for members by city or at least county. Is there a way to search that way?
  11. cskipper

    I got my courage up to try this

    I have wanted to try one of these but have been hesitant for fear of ruining wood. Scott's cross encouraged me to give it a shot. I think it turned out fairly well. Unfortunately my photography still stinks.
  12. cskipper

    A Mother's Love - pattern by Aniki L Sorensen

    This pattern had approximately 200 inside cuts. The matting is solid green - the picture caught some reflection n.
  13. cskipper


    Cut from mahogany for appearance - but is very fragile. How do I glue it to a backer? Or should I frame it? Suggestions please.
  14. cskipper

    Nerw horse, unknown designer

  15. cskipper

    Which background do you like best?

    I cut this horse from spalted maple. I am showing it with the traditional dark background, which is very dramatic. I'm also showing it with a light background (BB, could use lighter) - which is kind of interesting. Which do you like best?
  16. cskipper

    Heart Trivet - pattern by Charles Hand

    This is the first major thing I've cut in about a year and a half. It's cut from 1/2" maple and currently has two coats of Danish oil.
  17. cskipper

    What do you use for a backer board?

    When scrolling detailed pictures - portraits etc... what do you use for a backer board? Do you use glass? Do you always frame?
  18. cskipper

    Assistance in cutting 3D pieces

    I have always had difficulty cutting 3D pieces. Scott took pity on my years ago and gave me a clamp which helped a lot. However, it seems like it takes a million hears to cut out one of these pieces. And making sharp turns look good in a 2" block of wood - how???? Please give me ideas about...
  19. cskipper

    Help - I did it again...

    I cut this picture for the challenge. Now I need to figure out how to market it. Should I simply back it? Back it with a slightly larger piece of wood? I don't like it framed. Suggestions please!
  20. cskipper

    Any good BB suppliers?

    I am starting to look around for BB suppliers again, and wondered who folks are buying theirs from?

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