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  1. sawman101

    New Tool Gloat

    You suck Robert! I'm not jealous, I'M NOT JEALOUS!!!!
  2. sawman101

    Newer Craftsman Radial Arm Saw $200

    Sure wish I could use it Phil, but don't have the room. Wondering how I'm gonna find room for the new router table build and a thickness sander build. Suppose I'll need to sell my current drum sander and router table, but shop will still be crowded until I get the 18' x 22' addition rebuilt.
  3. sawman101

    Ryobi Resaw Band Saw

    I remember that Ryobi was about the first company to offer an affordable portable planer with their 10" also back in the 80's
  4. sawman101

    Beginning woodworker in Raleigh

    Welcome to the family Dustin, just disregard anything FredP says, although he's almost always right, but when he's wrong, you could end up sharing a cell together over the weekend......………... ;) ;) ;)
  5. sawman101

    Not a Saw Stop

    My only out of pocket expense was for the antibiotic pills and pain pills, Medicare and my Plan F supplement take care of every penny. The downside of the injury is it is still oozing blood 5 days later and is sensitive to very much pressure. Also having to do many things with the left hand--I...
  6. sawman101


    Interesting Greg, my brother worked for them for quite a few years maintaining compressor stations in Eastern Kentucky, then Oklahoma City in the parts distribution center. He left them and moved to FL where the fish were bigger etc. where he worked for the city water dept. in a couple of...
  7. sawman101

    SawStop injury

    Sorry to hear about your accident Jim; maybe we could form a special club with a 12 or 13 step program to help overcome the embarrassment and stupidity of the chosen few of table saw accident victims such as myself. Good info for SS owners to use every precaution that should be used with any...
  8. sawman101


    Yes, cutting fluid would work well and comes in small cans ready to squirt on. Soapy water might also work for phenolics, but that is just a guess on my part. I may try it in a week or two. Needing to make a sled or two more.
  9. sawman101

    Not a Saw Stop

    Was just out to the shop, but only looking and planning. Tomorrow I will spend time out there just organizing and reorganizing. I had an 18' x 22' addition on the back of the shop that was very poorly built by the previous property owner. I had to tear it down and I want to frame up the...
  10. sawman101

    Largest Project To-Date... Built-In Desk

    Now that is a big project! Looks really good Mike!
  11. sawman101

    Thomas Jefferson bookstand

    Interesting project!
  12. sawman101


    I do still have full sheets of 1/2", in 3/4" I have 2 router table top blanks, 1- 24" x 40" in brown and 1- 24" x 36" in white. For full or larger pieces of 3/4" Klingspors has all the other sheets in stock in 3/4 and 1/2" sheets and partial sheets. Available at super bargain prices. 3/4" @8.00...
  13. sawman101

    Not a Saw Stop

    That is a lot of sympathy from my wood family! First, the pain has been nearly negligible, and I finally took a shower this morning; I was able to stretch a vinyl glove over my right hand and the big old clumsy thumb. Of course my biggest problem is the darn thumb gets in the way of everything...
  14. sawman101

    From Colorado to Asheville

    Welcome to the family Graham!
  15. sawman101

    Little Box

    Love the box Dan, very well crafted!
  16. sawman101

    Texas country

    Welcome to the family RJ!
  17. sawman101

    Today’s project

    Very nice rack!
  18. sawman101

    Not a Saw Stop

    Cut wasn't too serious, didn't hit the bone or the nail, missed any ligaments or other important stuff, but lost 1/8" x 1 1/4' of flesh as the cut all the way through from front to back. Was considering mounting a Thin Kerf Glue Line Rip, if I'd done it I would have lost half the flesh. Well a...
  19. sawman101

    Not a Saw Stop

    Did some experimenting on my Jet SS10 table saw. Used my right thumb to test how fast the blade would stop, and my theory proved correct. Looks like a long night in the ER. Not too bad though, I don’t mean my thumb. Got a big cup of coffee to pacify me.
  20. sawman101

    Blokkz style clamping blocks

    Thanks for sharing Bruce! Great idea!

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