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  1. llucas

    Need Conveyor Belt for Supermax 37x2

    Looking for a recommendation for a replacement conveyor belt for my SuperMax 37x2 drum sander. There are several sources on line, but the price is so variable I'm not sure which to get so as to get good quality and not get stung. Any suggestions from those of you who have faced this issue?
  2. llucas

    20" planer $950

    Sounds like a deal to me...not mine etc Don't think this will last long.
  3. llucas

    True Or False : A completely water submerged cutting board will not crack...

    OK, I will admit that the title of this post is aimed at getting a response, or several responses. I have made many cutting boards (end-grain and otherwise) and have always followed the glueing, oiling, avoid water cautions. Recently I had a gift endgrain cutting board returned for repair of 2...
  4. llucas

    Anybody dealt with this dealer? looking for some T and G cypress

    Gonna build some outdoor storage boxes for a deck and would like to try cypress There is an outfit NC Lumber and Supply with several locations in the state. They look like a bulk supplier with huge inventory and good prices. Anyone have any experience with them...ok...
  5. llucas

    Again...Free RAS NOW WORKING come get it

    I recently posted to give away a Craftsman RAS when I thought it wasn't working anymore...the fix was easy, just hit the reset button and it sprang back to life. I have already replaced it with a new saw so it is just taking up room. PM me and it is free to whoever gets here first.
  6. llucas

    Is PM now "Start a Conversation"?

    If not, then how do we now send a private message?
  7. llucas

    New to me Sliding Miter Saw Potential Hot Deal for Others.

    So I posted a giveaway RAS and need to close the loop on the replacement process. I have search the previous threads re. Miter Saws on this site and had a pretty good idea of what I wanted/needed....just something to do pretty accurate 90 degree cuts while breaking down up to 12" rough...
  8. llucas

    Free Craftsman RAS and Miter Saw Score for me...

    Giving something away. Here is the story in case someone is interested. Been using a Craftsman RAS strictly for breaking down rough stock with 90 degree cuts only...been all that I needed and it worked great for that purpose. This week I jammed a large piece of WO into the blade and it...
  9. llucas

    Hal Taylor style rocker finally done...

    Some months ago I got inspired by some rocker build posts and decided to use the Hal Taylor method....this was way above my previous abilities and ambitions. I purchased his DVD and accompanying book, found what I believed was an adequate wood supply in walnut, and set about the task. Let me...
  10. llucas

    Morse metal cutting saw $150

    I have one of these...this is about 1/3 the cost of a new one. I really like mine....MUCH better than using an abrasive type saw. If you are thinking about doing any tube or pipe or channel cutting, this is the thing to get...
  11. llucas

    24" drum sander $475

    This looks too good to be true....better move fast...not mine, etc. GENERAL INTERNATIONAL Drum Sander - $475 (Asheboro) hide this posting image 2 of 3 © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap...
  12. llucas

    Walnut color match

    Ran out of some air dried walnut in the middle of a project and am looking for some 8/4 to finish up i seem to recall issues with walnut losing its color during different types of drying with air drying being the best to preserve color intensity. If I get some 8/4 from a supplier like NC...
  13. llucas

    Grizzly 10% off coupon code expires 9/30

    Don't know if lots of people got this, but I don't plan to use it so have at it if you will...maybe it's one-time, one person. Worth a try if you're planning to buy some stuff anyway. Purveyors of Fine Machinery 800 523-4777 Save 10% Off Your Next Order! Valid 09/24/2018 -...
  14. llucas

    Grizzly 490x Jointer $800 on Raleigh CL

    Well, I have one of these and really like it...reasonably well made, does a good job etc. Not mine With the new tariffs this is a good price over new, if it is in good shape. He also has a lot of other stuff for sale AD now deleted by Author....sorry
  15. llucas

    Harbor freight DC 2hp $60 on Raleigh CL

    Not mine, etc. I don't have one of these, but I repeatedly hear good things about this product...and at this price it seems like low risk.
  16. llucas

    Jet 12" Disc sander problem

    A while back i got a 12" Jet disc sander and picked up some 12" replacement discs at Woodcraft for future changes. The original disc worked great, but I am having a problem with the replacements staying stuck flat on the metal disc. I have cleaned the bejugies out of the disc surface and had no...
  17. llucas

    Looking for a Real flushcut saw...

    Got a project planned that will require cutting off 100 plus tenons after glue-up. I'm looking for a flushcut saw that will minimize the marring of the adjacent wood. I have a Japanese pull-cut saw that will do the job, but it still leaves some marks which require sanding. I'm looking for a...
  18. llucas

    Need tree ID help

    Walking the fence lines yesterday and found this...apparently felled by spring storm this week. It is rock-hard and warty. Two questions. 1. What kind of tree is this? 2. Is the wood good for anything woodworking related? Maybe hackberry?
  19. llucas

    Chemistry Quiz...Why does my wet maple turn purple?

    So I have been turning some very wet ambrosia maple and have a puzzler for you chemists and other smart people. Why do blotches of purple appear within seconds of turning it? I'm not talking about the smudgy grey/black moldy look that you find the next morning sometimes when restarting an...
  20. llucas

    Free Table Saw...CL Greensboro

    Somebody please check this out!...Can't beat the price...not mine etc.

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