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NCWW User Level Promotion Policy

This policy describes the privilege levels of users on North Carolina Woodworker ( and the qualifications required for "promotion" to the next level. Each level provides the user with increased capability and access to the resources and services of the website and/or the corporation, North Carolina Woodworker, Inc.

Each of the following defined levels represents an increasing level of trust and privilege. A user in levels 3 and above can be reduced in level by failing to maintain the necessary requirements(see below) or because in the opinion of the Board of Directors or their duly appointed representatives they are not considered worthy of the implied level of trust associated with each level.​

  1. Guest – any person that visits the website as a guest for reading purposes. Visitors are generally only allowed read access to the site and that access may be further limited as appropriate.
  2. New User – any person that has completed the website registration process, received approval by the Webmaster, and had their email address confirmed. The New User is in fact a probationary user. Their status may be removed by the Webmaster or the Webmaster's duly appointed representative(s), usually but limited to reasons that pertain to continued and/or major violations of policy. The usual causes of such a removal would be behaviors commonly known in the internet community as "spamming" or "trolling".
  3. User – This is a user who has has no major restrictions on their usage of the site. This is the "normal" user.
  4. Senior User – This user is a person who has been earned a degree of trust in our community and therefore has earned the right to take on certain leadership positions, such as leading discussions and organizing special interest groups.
  5. Corporate Member – The Corporate Member is primarily a person who has reached the Senior User level and fulfilled the legal requirements to become a voting member of a non-profit corporation in the state of North Carolina. In addition to voting, there may additional website privileges associated with this title.
Our requirements for each Privilege Level are made up of some combination of the following parameters:​

  1. [*=1]Days Since Registration
    [*=1]Number of Posts
    [*=1]Average visits per week - average computed on up to the last 180 days
    [*=1]Having Posted in the Who We Are forum
    [*=1]*Entered Full Name
    [*=1]*Entered Address
    [*=1]*Checked Opt in For Corporate Membership
    [*=1]*Entered Telephone Number

DaysPostsVisitsWho We AreFull
AddrOpt InTel
Senior User183103.00YesNANANANA
Corporate Member183103.00YesYes*Yes*Yes*Yes*
*These are Legal Requirements of the state of North Carolina​
** 0.25 => Once every four weeks​

The exact privileges that a user gains or looses are not dictated in this document. Rather they are in the policy document that describes privilege. For instance, if you look at the Classifieds Policy, it will mention the privilege level that a user must have to be allowed to post a classified.​
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