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Introduction to Articles

What you are seeing here is the first "Article" written for our new Content Management System or CMS. Its purpose is to welcome you back to NCWW after the single largest remodel since our first year in 2005. This is also the first or "Front Page" of our CMS. The CMS itself is, or will be, a collection of articles about all the things that our site is about. These articles are organized into sections, and some sections will have their articles divided into various categories. The organization of the articles that I have used to get us started will probably not last very long. As people start to see and understand what we are trying to do, there will be feedback. and that feedback will get incorporated into the structure and a month from now, it will be very different. But we need to start somewhere and this is it.

What is an Article?

How is it different than a post in the forums? Well, where forums excel at providing a dynamic method for online discussion, articles excel at archiving and indexing knowledge. But if you have tried to find some threads from years, or even days :) ago, then you have probably come to the conclusion that it is a lousy way to organize and document. There is an awful lot of information that was developed on this website, but information that is difficult or near impossible, to find is fairly useless. So among some other things that have been added for the purpose of organization, we have added the CMS and article features,.

An article will be something that does not need discussion. It stands alone. For example, if I want to announce that the site will be open on Sunday at 6PM, a short announcement post is probably best. If I want to show my latest project with instructions and illustrations a complete how-to, an article in the Projects section, with an appropriate category, is the superior. But if I want to describe what I want to build and am asking for advice, then the forums are better choice.

Article Writers and Moderators

Articles are moderated. That is, after you have written and submitted an article. It will not display. It will have to be approved by a CMS Moderator. This will help to keep things organized and ensure "editorial standards" are maintained. In fact, only people designated as CMS authors will be able to submit articles. How will it be decided who can submit and can approve? I really don't know. Please give the staff and the BOD, a couple of weeks to hash things out. This is all too new. In the mean time, I (SteveColes) will serve as CMS Moderator and initial CMS author.

We will also be promoting certain exceptional existing posts, from our forums, to Article status to help build our initial Article inventory and, in so doing, begin the never-ending process of expanding our online knowledge base.
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