Klingspor's Woodworking Shop (Festool) Ad #2

  • Residency Requirements

    North Carolina Woodworker is aimed primarily at Woodworkers in North Carolina. We will accept automatically users from NC, VA, TN, SC, GA and FL.

    All others registrant's accounts will be put into Moderation, once they have verified their email address. Most of these registrants will be declined by our staff. This has nothing to do with you personally.. It has to do with our desire to maintain the local nature of our discussions, functions, etc. However, we do accept non-residents in a few special cases.

    • People who, in the staff's judgment, offer special skills that are not represented in depth with our current membership.
    • People who have a special interest in woodworking in North Carolina and/or work in the state.
    • People who represent manufacturers and/or retail vendors of woodworking tools.
    • Other exceptions may be made as deemed appropriate by the staff of www.ncwoodworker.net

    However, registrants that do not meet the automatic registration requirement, MUST provide information as to why they should be considered for non resident membership. This is done by filling in the "Non Resident Join Request" field of the registration application. Remember that a non resident registration is placed into moderation. When the staff reviews these accounts, their attention is placed on the "Non Resident Join Request" field. If it is NOT filled in, the registration will automatically be declined.