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  • NCWW Discount Program (DQ)

    The North Carolina Woodworker Discount Program is intended to provide our members who are regular visitors and/or contributors with discounts on their woodworking related purchases. Each vendor that participates in the program has their own customized method of required identification and participation. BUT, in all cases you must attain and maintain a minimal set of requirements to become Discount Qualified (DQ). The following are the requirements as of November 5, 2009.
    1. You must be a member for 60 days.
    2. You must have 5 posts
    3. You must have supplied your full name as it appears on your Photo ID
    4. You must have introduced yourself by starting a thread in the "Who We Are" forum
    5. You must have met our visitation frequency policy (see below)

    In addition to the above requirements, some of our vendors wiil require that you provide your full address for participation in their discount program. Our Privacy policy requires that for NCWW to send your address to the vendor, you must specifically "Opt-in" to allow us to do this. Currently, the following Vendors require your address:

    Klingspor's Woodworking Shop
    The Woodworking Source
    Anchor Hardwoods

    How do you enter your Photo ID Name, street address and optional email? On the right side of the top of most pages you will see "Settings". Click on that. Then Click on Edit Profile and provide the information near the bottom of this panell. If you wish to opt-in to the programs provided by the vendors specifically mentioned above, Click on Edit Options and you'll find the opt-in options at the bottom of that page.

    Visitation Frequency Requirement:
    You must sustain at least one visit per week for the last 180 days. The DQ status time starts at 60 days for new members and then must be maintained. Only one visit per day is counted towards that average. A day starts at midnight Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) or 7:00 PM EST or 8:00 PM EDT.
    Why do we not use local midnight? Because it is easier to compute and doesn't have to be adjusted through the seasons.
    Once I reach DQ status, how long does it last?
    In general, once you have met all the requirements, your DQ status is valid for 180 days, even if your visitation frequency falls below the minimal requirement. DQ Status is maintained for 180 days from the time you last met all requirements. You can confirm your status by clicking on Your Profile and the letters DQ will appear to the right center of your Public Profile.
    The only exception occurs if you have deleted any of the required information above. In that case your DQ is rescinded immediately.
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