Klingspor's Woodworking Shop (Locations) Ad #1

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    Members of the website who have achieved the "User" Privilege Level may place advertisements in the Classified Section of the website. Advertisements must be placed in an appropriate category and are limited to woodworking-related items or services that are For Sale, or Wanted or are offered Free to fellow members. Advertisements may not contain links to off-site auction sites or public sales websites, but may include links to personal or reference websites related to the item in the Advertisement (e.g., manufacturer). Pictures are encouraged within the Advertisement and links to a member photo gallery on www.ncwoodworker.net or elsewhere are permitted.

    Advertisement content must relate to woodworking, tools, accessories for woodworking equipment or workshop items. Lumber and wood-related products (e.g. veneers) should be posted to the Wood forum instead, not the Classifieds. Members may use the Classified Section for one-time sale of woodworking items they make, but may not market production items for profit. Advertisements for items may be renewed (bumped) twice; if an item does not sell, the originator should consider reducing price before renewing the Advertisement.

    Eligible members may sell refurbished or reconditioned equipment (defined as any used woodworking equipment that is purchased intended for resale following refurbishing or reconditioning by the seller) in the classified ads. There will be a charge of $10 for items priced $199.99 or less, or $25 for items priced $200 up. This payment will have to be paid via PayPal before the ad will actually be placed. Used tools or equipment sold by eligible members in "as is" condition may be listed with no charge to the member.

    Commercial Ads or Services for Hire are not allowed in Classifieds, but certain "Special Sales" or Announcements may be placed as outlined below. Any Advertisements that do not meet these criteria may only be posted with the express permission of a Staff member (who shall be named in the Advertisement), or the Advertisement will be moderated or deleted. Classified Advertisements are for members only; guests may browse Advertisements, but do not see any Member contact information.

    Commercial Postings

    Commercial firms or Members wanting to place Banner or Sidebar Advertisements should use the Contact Us link for options available. For-profit Members selling lumber, turning woods or other unfinished raw wood products may post a thread in the Wood Forum as long as the following criteria are met: (1) The offering is exclusively for NC Woodworker members; (2) Pricing should be lower than normal sales at their regular place of business; and (3) A discount to members and/or a nominal donation to NC Woodworker, Inc. per $100 in total sales is included in the offering. All added costs such as sales tax or shipping and handling should be clearly spelled out. "Special Sales" shall be limited to once per Commercial Member per month. No finished products may be offered. NC Woodworker, Inc. does not endorse or warrant any products offered and retains the right to remove any ads.

    Commercial Members may post notice of woodworking events or classes for woodworkers in the User Announcement Forum.