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  • Shop Assistance Program

    Shop Assistance Program
    The Board of Directors of the North Carolina Woodworkers Association is pleased to formally announce the Shop Assistance Program. The primary purpose of this initiative is to assist woodworkers and/or their families in situations where assistance is both needed and wanted. Examples of such circumstances include, but are not limited to, the following:

    Deceased/Disabled Woodworker
    Assistance will be available to surviving spouses, children, or other family members of deceased or disabled woodworkers to assess a fair value of shop equipment and tools. This assistance may be useful to some families that simply have no appreciation for the value of shop tools. We anticipate that many of our members will not need this assistance since it is likely there are relatives who will appreciate the tools, and may in fact hope continue the familyís woodworking tradition. There will be, however, those occasions when the surviving family find it necessary to liquidate shop equipment/tools. It is in this context that we hope the Shop Assistance Program can provide a valuable service. As woodworkers, we are keenly aware that our power equipment and tools have value that may be difficult to assess for those unfamiliar with our craft. It is important to note that the role of those assisting would be to offer their best opinion as to a reasonable value of the major pieces of shop equipment and tools. Moreover, it is not necessarily the purpose of this program to assist in selling any items, nor can we guarantee that the seller will realize the suggested value of the items offered for sale. The opinions provided would be merely a starting point so that families will have some concept of an itemís approximate worth. With this knowledge, it is anticipated that families who must liquate shop equipment and tools can do so with greater confidence that they are not as vulnerable to predatory buyers. That said, irrespective of the opinions offered by NCWW members, families would be under no obligation to abide by them.

    Another example of where our assistance could be useful to the family of a deceased or disabled woodworker would be to complete a special project that the woodworker had in progress, but failed to complete, prior to his/her passing or becoming disabled. If such a need occurs, it is our hope to find an NCWW woodworker willing to finish the project.

    Shop Maintenance
    It is not difficult to imagine instances where a woodworker, or the family of a woodworker, may need assistance to organize the shop or maintain equipment (e.g. lubrication or rust protection) due to the inability of the woodworker, or the family, to perform the needed maintenance.

    It is not the purpose of this article to delineate every situation or circumstance where support from the NCWW Shop Assistance Program may be warranted. The Board recognizes that are any number of unique situations that may arise where the NCWW can potentially offer support to our fellow woodworkers or their families. The examples provided are simply illustrative of the kinds of assistance we hope to make available to those in need.

    How Will the Program Work?
    As currently envisioned, all that is necessary to initiate assistance is for an interested party to contact one of the NCWW Board Members, who would then seek volunteers from our membership. Typically, we would seek volunteers through private messages sent to an active member living in the vicinity of the woodworker, or the woodworker's family, requesting assistance. No doubt many situations will be easily accommodated by a single NCWW volunteer; others may require a team approach. As a consequence, each request will be evaluated as to the appropriate level of NCWW support needed.

    he value associated with this program can only be realized if those in need of assistance are aware that assistance is available. Consequently, if you think this program is something that could benefit your family, now or in the future, please make sure that they are informed and know how to contact us.
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    1. Phil S's Avatar
      Phil S -
      Thanks for the reminder.
    1. danmart77's Avatar
      danmart77 -
      This is a tremendous help to the spouse and to the members who would give a "fair" price for the equipment. I am talking to my wife about this assistance program.
    1. Bill Clemmons's Avatar
      Bill Clemmons -
      I think this is a great idea. I know of 3 members from our local Greensboro Lunch Bunch who have passed in the past few years. In one case several of us were able to help the spouse w/ questions about the shop equipment, and other issues. In the other cases I don't know if the spouse even knew we existed, or how to contact any of us. We would have been happy to help.
    1. golfdad's Avatar
      golfdad -
      Great idea Don.......
    1. Jim M.'s Avatar
      Jim M. -
      Great program, I read here all the time our members helping out a woodworkers family in need. This is something we see many times by individuals and now we can lend some needed support.
    1. ScottM's Avatar
      ScottM -
      Great program. Glad to help in anyway I can.
    1. Pop Golden's Avatar
      Pop Golden -
      Dang guys, this is a great program. You need to spread the word it exist.

    1. scsmith42's Avatar
      scsmith42 -
      Excellent concept!
    1. Jeff's Avatar
      Jeff -
      An interesting and potentially useful program. Curious it its actually been used by the member survivors?