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  • Guide to Acronyms and Abbreviations

    Guide to Acronyms and Abbreviatons


    4/4 - 1" thickness (i.e. 4x1/4"=4/4"=1") of rough-cut lumber.
    5/4 - 1-1/4" thickness
    8/4 - 2" thickness
    #1 Common - the grade below SELECT. Still lots of good wood just some defects and knots.


    AAW - American Association of Woodturners
    ACQ - Alkaline Copper Quarternary (pressure treatment solution)
    AD - Air Dried. Lumber that has been dried to between 10-19% MC
    AFAIK - as far as I know
    AHJ - Authority Having Jurisdiction (building inspector)
    AWG - American Wire Gauge
    AWTTWIS - A word to the wise is sufficient
    AWW - American Woodworker magazine
    B&D - Black & Decker
    Banjo - Part of a lathe the tool rest is connected to
    BC - Black Cherry
    BDU - Battle Dress Uniform
    BB - baltic birch (plywood), also sometimes referred to as BBB
    BF - board foot (see board foot)
    Bies - Biesemeyer fence
    BLO - boiled linseed oil
    Board foot - a form of wood measurement, where one board foot equals the volume of a board 1 inch thick, 12 inches wide, and 12 inches long (144 cubic inches).
    BORG - The Borg are villains on Star Trek: The Next Generation TV series who vow to assimilate all. Originally meant to describe Home Depot ("Big Orange Retail Giant"), now used more generally to describe all big box stores whose predatory marketing threatens the smaller competitors. Lowe's is often called the "Blue Borg". Others are simply called Big Ole Retail Giants depending on which side of the Mason-Dixon line you are originally from.
    BOW - Bethlehem Olive Wood
    B.S. or BS - band saw
    BTDTGTTS - Been there, done that, got the t-shirt
    BTTT - back to the top; see "bump"
    BTW - by the way
    Bump - This term is sometimes used when someone wants to bring an old thread back to the top of the "new posts" list. Posting a new reply in an old thread "bumps" that thread to the "top" of the list. Sometimes the user simply posts the word "bump" -- the actual content of the reply often is not as important as bringing back the old topic. See also "BTTT".
    BW - Bridgewood machinery also Black Walnut
    CA - cyanoacrylate glue (superglue)
    CCA - Chromated Copper Arsenate (pressure treating solution)
    CFM - cubic feet per minute
    CFO - Chief Financial Officer (see LOML and SWMBO)
    CH - Campbell Hausfeld (compressors)
    CI - cast iron
    CL - Craig's List
    CM - Craftsman or Chris Mathes
    C.M.S. or CMS - compound miter saw
    CNC - Computer Numeric Control (automated processing equipment usually involving router-like machinery)
    CRS - can't remember stuff
    CS - (1) cabinet saw; (2) chop saw; (3) circular saw; (4) contractor saw. (all those meanings makes this one pretty useless, doesn't it?)


    Dado - a long groove cut in a piece of wood for joinery, such as case sides or shelves. Dadoes run across the grain, while a groove runs with the grain.
    DAMHIKT - don't ask me how I know this...
    DAYG - design as you go
    DC - (1) direct current; (2) dust collector
    DQ - "Discount Qualified"; signifies a member of NCWoodworker.net who is eligible for special group bargains, deals, and/or certain merchant discounts. Eligibility requirements are listed here, but may be subject to change.
    DH - darling husband
    DIY - do it yourself
    DM - David Marks
    DNA - Denatured alcohol
    DOA - Durham - Alamance - Orange (Counties) Area
    Doyle Scale - Unit of Log yield in Board feet
    D.P. or DP - drill press
    DS - drum sander
    DT - dovetail joint
    DW - (1) Dewalt; (2) darling wife; (3) Daryl Waltrip
    FAS - firsts and seconds. Seconds being the best grade.
    FIBANO - ("fib-a-no") Forget it. Buy a new one
    Fillister - a plane for making a rabbet - this is a rabbeting plane with an adjustable fence, depth stop and nicker for cross-grain work; (2) the rabbet on the outer edge of a sash bar to hold the glass and the putty.
    FMT - Leigh's Frame Mortise & Tenon jig
    FS - for sale
    Fubar - "flubbed" up beyond all recognition/repair
    FWIW - for what it's worth
    FWW - Fine Woodworking magazine
    FYI - For Your Information


    Galoot - older person (sometimes, but not always, a Neander); also stands for "Galoots Are Lovers Of Old Tools"
    GF - General Finishes
    GFCI - ground fault circuit interrupter
    Griz - Grizzly machinery
    Groove - a long groove cut in a piece of wood for joinery, such as drawer bottoms or floating panels. A groove runs with the grain, while dadoes run across the grain.
    Good Will - Garrett Wade
    HD - Home Depot
    HDG - Hot Dipped Galvanized
    HF - Harbor Freight
    HOW - Hillsborough Orange Woodworkers
    HTH - Hope That Helps
    HVLP - high volume/low pressure
    IAP - International Association of Penturners
    IBTL - "I beat the lock", or "in before the lock"; posted to a thread in which the poster knows that any rational debate has long since been abandoned, and will shortly be locked by the forum administrator
    IIRC - if I recall correctly
    IME - in my experience
    IMHO - in my humble opinion
    International Scale - Unit of log yield in Board feet
    IOW - in other words
    IPA - isopropyl alcohol
    IpÍ - A very hard South American hardwood, also known as Brazilian Walnut, with a Janka Hardness of 3684.
    IR - (1) Ingersoll-Rand (compressors); (2) Infrared, as in a remote control.


    Janka Hardness Scale - a scale of relative wood hardnesses, or, more specifically, the force required to dent the wood by a specified amount, where higher values represent harder woods. For example, White Oak scores 1360, Purpleheart 1860, IpÍ 3684 and Lignum Vitae an impressive 4500.
    JMTCW - just my two cents worth
    JWW - Japan Woodworker
    KD - (1) Kiln-dried; (2) Knock-down (furniture or fittings)
    Kerf - the groove or gap created by a saw blade. On a 10" table saw, a typical blade creates a 1/8 inch wide gap while a "thin kerf" blade creates a 3/32 inch gap.
    Lexicon - (1) a dictionary; (2) a stock of terms used in a particular profession, subject, or style; a vocabulary
    LN - Lie-Nielsen
    LOL - laughing out loud
    LOML - love of my life (see SWMBO)
    LOYL - love of your life (see SWMBO)
    LV - Lee Valley


    M&T - mortise & tenon
    MC - moisture content
    MDF - medium density fiberboard
    MDO - medium density overlay
    MEK - methyl ethyl ketone
    MM - Minimax, machine manufacturer
    MOCW - My one cents worth (as opposed to two cents worth)
    MS - mineral spirits
    MWTCA - Mid-West Tool Collectors Association (national organization)
    Neander or Neanderthal - someone who prefers hand tools over power tools
    NEC - National Electric Code
    NGR - non grain-raising
    NHLA - National Hardwood Lumber Association
    Nicker - on a dado hand plane, this is a small blade perpendicular to and in front of the main cutter, which acts as a knife to sever the wood fibers at the edge of the main cutter; used for cross-grain cutting. Not to be confused with "knickers".
    Normite - User of power tools (ref: Norm Abrams of NYW)
    NYW - New Yankee Workshop
    OBO - or best offer
    OSB - oriented strand board
    OSS - oscillating spindle sander
    OTOH - on the other hand
    OWWM - Old Woodworking Machines


    PC - Porter Cable
    PM - (1) Powermatic; (2) private message
    Poly - polyurethane
    PPI - points per inch (e.g. of a saw blade); measured point-to-point (usually TPI +1)
    PR - Poly Resin
    PRG - plastic resin glue
    PSI - pounds per square inch
    PT - pressure treated
    PVA - polyvinyl acetate (white glue)
    PWPTMMTTB- People Who Post Too Many Messages To This Board
    PWW - Popular Woodworking magazine
    QFT - quoted for truth
    QS - quartersawn
    QSRO - quartersawn red oak
    QSWO - quartersawn white oak
    R&S - rail and stile
    Rabbet - an "L" shaped groove cut across the end or along the side of a board for joinery; synonymous with "rebate" (see also "fillister")
    RAS - radial arm saw
    RH - relative humidity
    RLW - random length and width
    RO - red oak
    ROFL - rolling on floor laughing
    ROFLMAO - rolling on floor laughing my... well, you figure it out
    ROS - random orbit sander


    S2S - surfaced on two sides
    S4S - surfaced on four sides
    SCC - Shop Crawl Committee
    S.C.M.S. or SCMS - sliding compound miter saw
    Scribner Scale - unit of log yield, in board feet
    Select - The grade below FAS. Same quality only the board is under 6" wide and less that 72 cutting units.
    SF - Shop Fox machinery
    SMC - Saw Mill Creek
    Spam - bulk unsolicited (usually commercial) email
    SLR1E - Straight Line Rip one Edge
    SPF - Spruce, Pine or Fir
    SS - (1) scroll saw; (2) ShopSmith; (3) stainless steel
    SSD - Scott Smith Disease, need I say more?
    Story Stick - a length of wood, usually a scrap, used for measuring and layout of dimensions in cabinetry
    SU - SketchUp
    Suck - A term used to congratulate purchaser of a new tool -- translates to "I'm jealous!"
    SWIUI- She Who Is Usually ignored
    SWMBO - She who must be obeyed (see LOML)
    SYP - southern yellow pine
    T&G - tongue & groove
    TAS - Tilting arbor saw
    TIA - thanks in advance
    TPI - teeth per inch (e.g. of a saw blade); measured gullet-to-gullet (usually PPI - 1)
    T.S. or TS - table saw
    TSP - Trisodium Phosphate, used by some to clean saw blades
    TWA - Triangle Woodworkers Association (regional association that meets in Raleigh)
    UMHW - ultra high molecular weight polyethylene


    VOC - volatile organic compound; organic gasses (eg paints and lacquers, paint strippers, cleaning supplies, glues, permanent markers, etc)
    VS - variable speed
    WB - (1) workbench; (2) water-based (usually finish)
    WC - Woodcraft
    WDITOT - Why didn't I think of that?
    WGD - "Woodguy's Disease", a virus that has spread throughout more than a handful of members of the board. Originally isolated to the western part of NC, it has become too widespread for quarantine. This guy is currently under investigation from the CDC for a possible connection in the outbreak.
    Winding Sticks - short lengths of timber or some other flat and stable material, used in pairs to help with flattening and removing twist (wind) from boards and panels when working with hand tools
    WIP - work in progress
    Witness Marks - marks put on boards or pieces to keep them in order during gluing, joining and assembly
    WN - WoodNet
    WNCWW - Western NC Woodworkers Association
    WO - white oak
    WRC - western red cedar
    WTB - want to buy (in buy & sell forum)
    WWFS&TT-will work for shop & tool time
    WYSIWYG - what you see is what you get
    YMMV - your mileage may vary
    Yorkie - Yorkcraft machinery
    ZCI - zero clearance insert, used on a tablesaw to keep thin pieces from slipping between blade and table slot.
    YW - You are welcome
    ZIP Code Saw - name affectionately given to the line of Sears Craftsman hybrid saws, referred to by their model numbers which resemble ZIP codes. For example, model #22124 is also the ZIP code for Oakton, VA.