Router Skis... Here, I have two Like pieces that have holes in them for rods that go through the Router Base. The object is to fix the router height so the router can be moved around freely cutting at a uniform height. I have four sets of holes: 1.5" and 3.5" from the table top; flip them, and get 2.5" and 4.5". The rods that I have are 3' long because I have not cut them yet. I bought the rod from: Item No. 88625K71 O1 Tool Steel Tight-Tolerance Rod 11mm rod... If I had gotten 12mm I was afraid there would be too much friction in the fit... so I went with 11mm. The 'fit' is sloppy by 1mm... not bad... the set screws take the slop away on the skis as well as on the router. I want to thank Harry Sinclair and Template Tom, from the Router Workshop Forums for introducing this method to us... Took me awhile to understand it, from pictures shown, but once I understood that the router is Fixed-in-place on the rods and the router is moved by moving the side Skis, it became clear! So far, I have just tested it on a small 2+" piece of wood... Seems to have worked OK... I think I should figure a way to clamp the workpiece into place rather than relying on the Router Pad (which slips ever so slightly). The router was so easy to control, I could use just one hand to guide it while using the other to hold the workpiece in place. Went very smoothly.